End of Week 33: Christmas and Recovery Week

33At the beginning of this last week, the cold/flu bug had struck.  Combined with the Christmas holiday and terrible weather I did not get very far in my training last week.  In my training plan this week was scheduled as a biking and recovery week as it was the fourth week in the planned phase.  But, illness and bad weather found me indoors trying to recover so I could start the next phase and the next year in good spirits and good health.  Once again, no numbers for the week as nothing much exciting numbers wise.

Week 33 Highlights: Ho Ho Heck Style

  • With limited time and recovering health I still completed four hours of training.
  • 2 Solid swim sessions – The first session I still had some junk in my lungs so I flipped over and worked on the backstroke.
  • Figured out backstroke mechanics and started working on form – finished several smooth laps
  • 1 run session that was nothing special, but still got it in.
  • 1 good solid spin session and strength session
  • Signed up for my first triathlon and joined USAT
  • Christmas… nuff said.

Amazingly I was able to get some quality work out of this week and hopefully it will have helped prepare me for the coming week’s work and keep the muscles from getting lazy.  I just have to deal with New Years and then its smooth sailing to my first triathlon.   I was very pleased I was able to progress on my backstroke and continue to work on my stroke mechanics in the pool. Now I just need to work to improve my speed for the triathlon.  I can do the parts in the required time, its just a matter of doing and preparing to do them together.  I had a good Christmas and I am glad I am past that cold so now I can enjoy ringing in the New Year and get to work looking forward.  Til next time.


  1. Keep up the good work! You can do it. Think BIG for 2013, big as in great things!

    1. Thank you. Yeah, I think my 2013 looks pretty busy and very challenging. You too.

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