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2013 Triathlon Season In Review: The Bike

Last year when I purchased my bike I knew I had made a commitment, I was not going to spend that kind of money to let it go to waste.  I bought a simple road bike that would get me started cycling.  A year later I am still cycling and loving every minute of it. […]

Cartersville Beautiful Backroads Century – 48 Mile Option Recap

September keeps rolling along and this weekend’s major event centered on the Cartersiville Beautiful Backroads Century bike event.  Coo.l thing is this event takes place just five miles from my house at the local Budweiser plant.  This year there was supposed to be about 1100 participants and a wide variety of distances.  The event includes […]

Took The Night Off… I Deserved It

All the forces aligned to make a ride or run tonight nealy impossible.  I guess it all started last night, Monday.    Last night I had planned on doing a brick consiting of an eleven mile bike followed by a four mile run.  I planned to merge these workouts into a brick to free up […]

The Odd Happenings at Mile 24

On Friday I decided to celebrate the last day of unemployment with a pretty good distance bike ride.  Near my house every September there is a century ride with several lesser distances as well including a 31, 48 and 65 mile routes.  The roads are permanently marked with the guide markers and the routes, especially […]

Ride Interupted By Police Chase

My Friday night ride’s goal was simple, get out and get some miles.  One of the great benefits of living in the rural countryside is the ability to bike with very little road traffic and endless back roads.  Since I moved into my rural home months ago I have explored and discovered numerous good routes […]

Kicking off the Week Right!

I wanted to start the first major training day of this training week right and I could not have asked for a better way than to do a group open water swim followed by a 27 mile bike, all made possible by my local PTS Sports store and its staff.  The weather participated nicely and […]

Why Did the World Get So Suddenly Quiet? My Harrowing Tour De Cure 37 Mile Ride

Last year I had determined that I not only wanted to do a season of triathlons, but I wanted to give back in some way as well.  For me this lead to me raising money and signing up to ride in the Atlanta Tour De Cure event to raise money for the American Diabetes Association […]

Not Doing Much of Anything

After four solid weeks of training including some high mileage riding weeks I decided this week I needed to rest a little extra as I was feeling beat.  I wanted to be as fresh as possible for the Atlanta Tour De Cure event and I really needed some extended rest as I had pushed myself […]

Help Me to Fight Diabetes: 2 Days Remaining

Only two more days are remaining for fund raising for my Tour De Cure ride.  I appreciate everyone who has donated and contributed and helped me to get the word out.  As there are only 2 more days remaining I am still pushing to raise the last little bits possible as this is a cause […]

Perfect Spring Ride and then some.

Finally the weather and my cycling times have decided to cooperate with each other.  My Thursday ride plan was to cover about 25-30 miles depending how long it took for me to get out and on the road.   Thursday night ended up being a great ride made slightly difficult by the weariness in my […]