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SweatVac Race Hat Review and Giveaway

If you have followed this blog for a while, you might have noticed that all running pictures of me always feature me in a baseball style ball cap. Ask any runner and each will have their own reason for their respective headwear choice, be it visor, ball cap, bandanna or something else altogether.  I prefer […]

Injinji Run 2.0 Sock Review and Giveaway

This review was unsolicited.  I purchased my initial product and I am not paid to endorse the reviewed product.  Read through to the  end of the review to find out how to enter to win one of three pairs of these socks. A couple of weeks ago I accidentally ran 9.3 miles instead of my […]

Making This Possible

I mentioned in previous posts that my blogging frequency decreased recently due to changes in my current employment situation.  The other part of that equation resulted from not having a computer that could easily be used on the go for updating and posting to this blog.    I had an old Dell Duo, but my wife had […]

Triathlon Training Base 1 Phase: The Gear

Over the past week I have been writing a series of posts detailing my periodization training plan leading up to my first Triathlon in 5 months and beyond.  The specific goal of this series targeted various aspects of my training and identified the strengths and weakness and developed goal specific plans to address identified weaknesses.  While the […]

Mizuno Men’s Tajima Socks Review

When I first started running I went to my local running store to buy shoes, knowing that I had no clue what I needed.  After an hour or so of being fit, the issues of socks came up.  I had never thought much about socks except my backpacking/hiking socks.  I figured gym socks were gym […]

Zero’s Home and A Random Picture of My Calf

Checking the shipping notices yesterday I found my bike, Zero had arrived, Triathlons here I come.  Unfortunately the store did not have any mechanics available and so Zero did not get to come home.  So today at 4 PM I got the call that my bike was ready for pick up.  So after work I […]