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Reflections of Being a Tortoise in a World of Hares

I am sure you have read or heard the story of the Tortoise and the Hare at some point in you life.  In quick summary its a story about a race between a tortoise and a Hare where the tortoise wins the race because the Hare continuously goofs off while the tortoise plods along at […]

Fueling the Long Run

This year I set some very large running goals.  To accomplish these goals I had to increase my weekly mileage and focus on becoming accustomed to longer long runs.  With this increase in distance and time spent on running I have also decided it was time to really figure out my nutrition strategy for long […]

Just One of Those Days

I awoke this morning at my usual 5AM time with the goal of getting to the gym and swimming.  As soon as the alarm went off I rolled my legs out of bed and right away I knew I needed to just sleep in and skip the morning swim.  I hate missing workouts, but there […]

The Meaning of Things

On Monday I ran in the coldest temperatures I have ever tried to or want to run in(details here).  Of course post run I had time to share the adventure on face book and look at it from afar and realized I was lucky to have finished 2.3 miles and that I could have stupidly […]

Not All Changes Are Physical

I wanted to post a happy post today, but alas things change and now i find myself melancholy.  Over the past twenty years I have pretty much had one major constant friend and compatriot.  We were partners in crime and were involved in each others lives, connected at the hip.  Many of my major adult […]

My Love-Hate Relationship with The Treadmill Ends

I have an odd love/hate relationship with the treadmill. Since May of 2012 I have not stepped foot on a treadmill, for good reason.    When I started the C25k (Couch to 5k) program, the goal that I set was to run a 5k race.  At that time walking for a few seconds proved to […]

HELP!!! Triathlon Is Invading My Sleep!

Back in March, leading into April, as I was preparing for my first triathlon, my dreams were dominated by my first triathlon.  Often I would have dreams of finishing the race and feeling the rush of satisfaction at knowing I had finished my first triathlon.  Other times I dreamt of triathlon’s other parts, swimming, biking […]

My Wife Says the Oddest Things Sometimes

As indicated in a previous post(here) I was somewhat forced to take Tuesday evening off from training.  Once I got home from all the errands I had to run my wife and I ate dinner then I began to work through my training logs and flit around on the internet.  At this point, both of […]

“ONLY” A Sprint Distance Triathlon – Soapbox Time

A few weeks back at one of my Saturday morning open water swim practice I ran into an amazing group of women who were there as they were preparing for their first triathlon in a few weeks.  Of course I was piqued at their athletic backgrounds and what they had to overcome physically in preparing […]

Chasing The Sun

This week has been a good week for me so far.  First I started my new job and everything is going amazingly well.  Then I got my training off to good start with a pre-sunrise run and finished the day chasing the sun with  a brief 12 miles of cycling.  After so many hard weeks […]