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Half Way There

Last year proved to be a pretty good year for me: I finished two Olympic distance triathlons and pushed myself through my first 50k ultra trail running race.  At the beginning of this year I decided to forgo triathlons and really focus on distance running and slimming down a bit to improve my overall speed. […]

Working the Plan

I know I have not directly stated my 2015 goals yet, I had a few things I was trying to clear up in my schedule before committing them to my blog.  Initially I had planned to cash in a free race entry for a race out in Portland,  but recent job instability has led me […]

2014 By the Numbers

In my last two posts I summerized my 2014 athletics season.  I deliberately omitted numbers and charts til this post as I wanted one post to just focus on what I achieved numbers wise.  One of the biggest trends of this year resulted in my focus transitioning from triathlon performance to ultra running distances.  At […]


On Saturday November the 15th I finished my first race longer than a half marathon, the Tortoise and the Hare 50K.  My time of 11:38:53 was one of the slowest of the days, but I overcame everything my body and the course threw at me and completed my first 50k race.  In a few days […]

Reflections of Being a Tortoise in a World of Hares

I am sure you have read or heard the story of the Tortoise and the Hare at some point in you life.  In quick summary its a story about a race between a tortoise and a Hare where the tortoise wins the race because the Hare continuously goofs off while the tortoise plods along at […]

New Milestone… 1000 Miles of Running In a Year

Just a little less than two years ago I ran my first 5k, the Monster Dash 5k, in downtown Atlanta.  Prior to this first 5k I was a complete couch potato heavily invested in a sedentary, slothful lifestyle.  I was overweight (as high as 365 at one point) and so out of shape, walking to […]

Middle Season Retrospective

The end of August marks the end of the second 3rd of my yearlong progression.  For a reason I cannot remember I decided to split this year into thirds instead of quarters and use that metric to analyse and plan and regroup for the next. Triathlon Goals: The beginning of this quarter , beginning in […]

Still Alive… August Numbers

Its been a few weeks since I posted anything on this blog. Unfortunately running 45-50 miles a week and a hectic work schedule took its toll on my allotted time for posting much. I figured I would post an August big picture progress post detailing where I am currently at with my training along with […]

All in A Days Run

Its five A.M. … my alarm goes off, sounding like an out of tune and slightly broken fog horn.  I am groggy and I am sore, even though the day before was an off day.  One week into the ultra training plan and my body is in full ‘complain’ mode.  Last week I tackled three […]

The Big Goal That Might Do Me In

Three years ago I set a goal for myself that would alter every aspect of my life: Run a 5k by the end of the year (this was 2012).  This goal eventually grew to the bigger goal of completing a triathlon, which morphed into the completion of enough events to be officially ranked.  Unlike previous […]