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Still Alive… Part 2

In last Thursday’s post I hurriedly summarized the end of the year and circumstances that developed as I headed into the end of the year.  As I headed into December of 2015 I found myself injured and getting slower.  I decided I needed to take some time off and heal up.  I assessed the issue […]

Reflections of A Chilly February

February proved cold and bitter, providing great new seasonal challenges to my running regimen.  A few of my training runs felt almost spring like, but winter dominated in the form of frequent bitter cold and snowy dispatch.  Of course I did not let weather hinder my focus and resolve to improve my long distance capabities […]

Middle Season Retrospective

The end of August marks the end of the second 3rd of my yearlong progression.  For a reason I cannot remember I decided to split this year into thirds instead of quarters and use that metric to analyse and plan and regroup for the next. Triathlon Goals: The beginning of this quarter , beginning in […]

Still Alive… August Numbers

Its been a few weeks since I posted anything on this blog. Unfortunately running 45-50 miles a week and a hectic work schedule took its toll on my allotted time for posting much. I figured I would post an August big picture progress post detailing where I am currently at with my training along with […]

July 4th In the GA/NC Mountains Part 1

  This year July 4th weekend fell on a Friday.  While all my running friends, and probably every runner in the state of Georgia, were preparing to run the Peachtree Road Race, I saw a three day opportunity to get some back to back running and hiking miles.  I figured for the first time in ages […]

Gearing Up For Awesome

Next weekend I will be running my first triathlon of my second season of triathlons., an Olympic or Intermediate or International(I am going to stick with intermediate or international from here on)  distance race.  This distance entails a near mile swim followed by a 24 mile bike (some add a mile or two to compensate […]

First Four Months Completed… Time For Review

It is hard to believe that May is here already and the first third of the year is completed.  I often break my year up into thirds because four months provides plenty of time to implement a plan and provide analyzable results. Further more, the thirds approach follows my racing seasons, starting with a focus […]

Ides of March: First Week Done

First week of March is in the books, surprising me how fast things are moving this month.  As I mentioned previously (here) my goals for March are simple: continue to prepare for triathlon season and focusing on my designed run program.  Of course adding  a Ragnar relay race into the beginning of next month has […]

February Wrap Up And March Goals

Lately my blogging habits have been utter rubbish.  If I have been lucky I have managed maybe a feeble post a week.  Of course this trend is not a result of creative drought, instead its a product of an extreme training schedule mixed with hectic work demands, the Olympics and extreme weather.  All that aside […]

Great Way To End A week and Start Another

Last month was a good month.  I managed to hit my highest monthly mileage ever, progressed through my swimming and cycling and got myself into a rhythm that will drive me into the beginning of my triathlon season.  The one achievement that eluded me in January though involved my maximum running distance. When I ran […]