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Working the Plan

I know I have not directly stated my 2015 goals yet, I had a few things I was trying to clear up in my schedule before committing them to my blog.  Initially I had planned to cash in a free race entry for a race out in Portland,  but recent job instability has led me […]

Progression Reflection

In December of 2010 I weighed 360 gross, obese pounds.  I could not run, let alone walk to the curb of my driveway without difficulty breathing.  I was in the worse shape imaginable.  A year later I would get the shock of my life as I began my never ending battle with my blood pressure […]

Still Alive… August Numbers

Its been a few weeks since I posted anything on this blog. Unfortunately running 45-50 miles a week and a hectic work schedule took its toll on my allotted time for posting much. I figured I would post an August big picture progress post detailing where I am currently at with my training along with […]


When I started this journey, way back in April of 2012 and a few years earlier I had reached my heaviest weight, 365 pounds and was in the worst shape.  I had never been an athlete and rarely would the concept of athletics ever come up, unless it involved television or video games. Back then […]

The Big Goal That Might Do Me In

Three years ago I set a goal for myself that would alter every aspect of my life: Run a 5k by the end of the year (this was 2012).  This goal eventually grew to the bigger goal of completing a triathlon, which morphed into the completion of enough events to be officially ranked.  Unlike previous […]

Its Progress…

When I started this athletic en devour two years ago (It is my blog anniversary today!!)  I was in bad shape.   I had been previously diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I weighed over 320 pounds with a size 54-56 inch waist.  Walking left me out of breath and I suffered from performing any […]

No Going Back

If you have not noticed I have been pretty absent lately.  Since I got back from Ragnar Trails Atlanta (details here) I just have not felt like writing.  Of course I could blame fatigue or writers block or being busy, but to be honest I have no clue why I have been so complacent on […]

My New Role

Last year when I started this little fitness adventure, my wife was right there with me.  We both planned to share this experience and progress together.  But things change and for the first time when she had pressing family issues and quit the workouts, I continued.  I want both of us to be healthy, but […]

2012-2013 Long Term Goals Revisited

With five weeks remaining til my final race marking the completion of my first season of triathlon activity I have begun to look back at my early blog post and reflected on the training that went into making this year a success.  At the beginning of this blog, back in August of last year I […]

Its That Time of the Year Again!!!

Since 2010 I have been a Falcons football season ticket holder and every August marks the preseason games and the start of the new season.  In December of 2010 one of my good friends that I have season tickets with gave me a very dear present, a Falcons football jersey.  It was a 4x in […]