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Why Did the World Get So Suddenly Quiet? My Harrowing Tour De Cure 37 Mile Ride

Last year I had determined that I not only wanted to do a season of triathlons, but I wanted to give back in some way as well.  For me this lead to me raising money and signing up to ride in the Atlanta Tour De Cure event to raise money for the American Diabetes Association […]

Not Doing Much of Anything

After four solid weeks of training including some high mileage riding weeks I decided this week I needed to rest a little extra as I was feeling beat.  I wanted to be as fresh as possible for the Atlanta Tour De Cure event and I really needed some extended rest as I had pushed myself […]

Last Day For Donations!!!

The Tour De Cure is finally here and I am super excited.  I am really close to reaching my modified 750$ goal!  If you have been on the fence about donating, then the time is now.  Help me fight diabetes and donate to my fund raising efforts for the American Diabetes Association via the Tour […]

Help Me to Fight Diabetes: 2 Days Remaining

Only two more days are remaining for fund raising for my Tour De Cure ride.  I appreciate everyone who has donated and contributed and helped me to get the word out.  As there are only 2 more days remaining I am still pushing to raise the last little bits possible as this is a cause […]

Living With Diabetes: Help Me Fight Diabetes

If you have read my blog for a while you probably know I fight diabetes on a daily basis.  Some of the blame falls on my shoulders as I was the one who did not take care of my health.  There were additional circumstances that additionally contributed.  Being diabetic is fairly easy for me now, […]

Wow!!!! 66 Days Til Tour De Cure

Just saw I had 66 more days to try to get my donations together for my charity ride in May.  I ambitiously set my goals high and so far I have come up really short.  Granted I am having to poke and prod my friends and family members to help raise the gong on this. […]

100 Days Til’ the Atlanta Tour De Cure

Have you noticed the colorful tour de cure banners on my posts and my pages.  These banners are more than pretty pictures, they are my flags to raise awareness for diabetes.  When I decided to get in shape and get healthy, my type 2 diabetes was out of control.  My life style was terrible and […]

November Is National Diabetes Month: Donate Now

Realizations and progress aside, November is National Diabetes month.  As we all get read to sit down with friends and family on Thanksgiving day I would like to ask you to think about donating to the American Diabetes Association so they may continue to fund research and find solutions.  I am committed to do my […]

November Is American Diabetes Month

I wanted to post this yesterday, but the schedule got a little crazy.  October is now gone and now it is November, which is American Diabetes Month according to t he American Diabetes Association.  As most people know who follow this blog, I am a type 2 diabetic.  Fortunately due to training my diabetes is […]

Lets Fight Diabetes Together

As most of you know from my previous post I have resigned myself to riding a century bike event for a diabetes fundraiser, the Tour De Cure.   The Tour De Cure is a nationwide event where thousands of people in different states will be raising money to help raise money for the American Diabetes […]