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2018 Georgia Jewel Race Recap

Struggling… Did Not Finish(DNF)… Falling short… Words I could easily use to describe my athletic pursuits over the past three years. I tried to not treat them as setbacks and have tried to learn and grow from each experience. My battle with the Ga Jewel embodies this ongoing struggle. This year I finally left my […]

Still Alive – Part 1

Last September I posted my race report for my first 50 mile ultra distance running race, the Georgia Jewel, to suddenly vanish from the blogging world.  I really am uncertain what happened, but I just suddenly felt the need to unplug from the blogging world and let myself disappear. Last year I embraced distance running and […]

Half Way There

Last year proved to be a pretty good year for me: I finished two Olympic distance triathlons and pushed myself through my first 50k ultra trail running race.  At the beginning of this year I decided to forgo triathlons and really focus on distance running and slimming down a bit to improve my overall speed. […]

3000 Feet Before Sunrise… In Photos

A couple of weeks ago on Memorial day weekend, I travelled to Gatlinburg Tennessee to run some trails with a few facebook friends.  The crazy idea involved running/hiking Mount Le Conte to view the sunrise above 6500 feet and then continuing our run down the mountain via some other trails, completing about 17-18 miles for […]

Running In Circles … A Midsummer Night’s Dream 24 Hour Ultra

Lovers and madmen have such seething brains Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend More than cool reason ever comprehends. ― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream Last November I ran my first Ultramarathon, a race longer than a 26.2 marathon, at the Tortoise and the Hare 50k.  At the start of the year I set my major […]

Double Top/Double Tap 100 50k Recap

So far this year I have run a marathon (details here), the Bear Blaster 50k+  and a 12 hour race for 37 miles, seven days apart (details here and here), My most recent race exploit proved to be the most difficult and challenging 50k race I have ever ran, the Double Top/ Double Tap 100 ultramarathon. […]

What To Do Next … Another Unplanned Race Of Course

At the beginning of the year I figured out all my races and devised an execution plan.  The original plan involved placing more timed running events earlier in the year and less distance driven races.  This left my race calendar with approximately a race every other month starting in March til the middle of June, […]

Operation Endurance Race Recap

Last week I ran my second ultra marathon, the Bear Blaster 50k (details here) which technically entailed running 34 miles instead of 32 miles.  That race was added at the last-minute as I was supporting my friend who was running his first.  My goal race for this month though occurred this weekend the Operation Endurance […]

Bear Blaster 50K+ Race Recap

This year’s focus to date has revolved around preparing for my first major race of the year, Operation Endurance 12 hour race at the very last weekend of March.  But a couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine asked if I would support him on his first 50k, The Bear Blaster 50k+. Of […]

Still In the Race…

I have been purposefully absent from my wordpress world for most of this month due to personal issues I had to work through.  While I have been absent from my blog, I have still continued to push forward with my training goals for the year.  My two primary goals for this year involve preparation for […]