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Still Alive… Part 2

In last Thursday’s post I hurriedly summarized the end of the year and circumstances that developed as I headed into the end of the year.  As I headed into December of 2015 I found myself injured and getting slower.  I decided I needed to take some time off and heal up.  I assessed the issue […]

Reflections and Recollections

Every morning when I open up facebook I eagerly look to discover what tidbits from my past facebook will pull up.  If you are unfamiliar with it, facebook offers a feature that will sift through your posts from years past and show you what you were posting about on that day two, three or more […]

Working the Plan

I know I have not directly stated my 2015 goals yet, I had a few things I was trying to clear up in my schedule before committing them to my blog.  Initially I had planned to cash in a free race entry for a race out in Portland,  but recent job instability has led me […]

My Big Goal for Early 2015`

Usually I would share a wrap up of the currently ending year before preceding with my goals and aspirations for the next, but I am really excited about a big early season race and figured I would share a quick video of this race.  Earlier this year I won an entry into any race Rainshadow […]

Counting Down…

Two years ago I ran my first 5k road race. I followed that achievement with several triathlons and a half marathon a year later.  As I have mentioned before, my goal for this year proved bigger than previous years, I wanted to jump up to a 50k trail race, skipping the marathon distance, embracing tough […]


When I started this journey, way back in April of 2012 and a few years earlier I had reached my heaviest weight, 365 pounds and was in the worst shape.  I had never been an athlete and rarely would the concept of athletics ever come up, unless it involved television or video games. Back then […]

All in A Days Run

Its five A.M. … my alarm goes off, sounding like an out of tune and slightly broken fog horn.  I am groggy and I am sore, even though the day before was an off day.  One week into the ultra training plan and my body is in full ‘complain’ mode.  Last week I tackled three […]

The Big Goal That Might Do Me In

Three years ago I set a goal for myself that would alter every aspect of my life: Run a 5k by the end of the year (this was 2012).  This goal eventually grew to the bigger goal of completing a triathlon, which morphed into the completion of enough events to be officially ranked.  Unlike previous […]

First Four Months Completed… Time For Review

It is hard to believe that May is here already and the first third of the year is completed.  I often break my year up into thirds because four months provides plenty of time to implement a plan and provide analyzable results. Further more, the thirds approach follows my racing seasons, starting with a focus […]

No Going Back

If you have not noticed I have been pretty absent lately.  Since I got back from Ragnar Trails Atlanta (details here) I just have not felt like writing.  Of course I could blame fatigue or writers block or being busy, but to be honest I have no clue why I have been so complacent on […]