No Turning Back!


It’s official, today I became a member of USA Triathlon, the primary governing body of most triathlons held in the U.S. Because I am planning on doing multiple USAT sponsored events, I went ahead and joined. The biggest advantage is saving 12 bucks when registering for sponsored events. Also by completing at least three events I will be nationally ranked. Pretty cool for my first year in the sport, even if I am on the bottom.

Also, I registered for my first event, the Early Bird Sprint Triathlon in Athens Georgia on April 7th. The event has a 400 yard pool swim, 12 mile bike and a 5k run. A big step for me as now I am truly committed. Right now I can do the distance in the allotted 2:15 hours time limit, in parts. So the next three months goal is to further prepare for this event, get faster and build more endurance. The cool thing is that my brother, who does triathlons currently, will do it with me. So excited and ready to get to work. Til next time.


  1. Your committed now! I worked with some guys a few years ago who did an Ironman. They trained their butts off and one of them did well enough to go to Hawaii.
    Congrats on taking the big step.

    1. With the level of work I had to do to get to this point I feel like I am training for an iron man. This season will be about improving and doing. Next one will be aimed at getting better. 2012 was all about getting to where I could go farther and longer than I ever dreamed possible. Thanks.

  2. I haven’t joined that yet. Looks like i probably should though! Good luck on 2013 my friend.

    1. It all depends in some ways. They offer members some advantages, but the biggest if you are doing a few USAT sponsored events is waiving the 12 buck fee every time you register. If you are doing and ironman event, I do not believe WTC is sponsored by USAT but I could be wrong. Not sure.

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  4. Way to go, Chatter! I also signed up for a 2013 membership, and found it pretty exciting. (Since I only did one tri in 2012, it made more sense to buy the single-use pass, but I’m doing at least 3 this year…)

    😀 2013 – year of awesome! Go get it!

    1. That is so cool, it feels great to have that commitment in the bag. I think I have 4-5 planned space out of course.

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