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By Headlight and Headlamp Brick

Only one day since my first 15k running race had passed and I knew it was time to get back to work.  I had scheduled Tuesday as a bike/run brick even though I new it would be a slight bit difficult just completing the race on Sunday.  Part of the reason I train is to […]

Giving My Workout The Brick

Several weeks ago, another blogger I follow and respect, IowaTriBob posted a little workout his trainer had given him involving doing short 800 meter repeat bricks.  I was intrigued by this workout and curious if this might help me in my transitions and off the bike to run feel.  While involved in my first triathlon […]

Pre-Taper Week Brick Phase By The Numbers

I am now only days away and soon hours from my first triathlon.  While I while away the hours doing nothing but stretching and packing and watching as many Iron Man Kona championship videos as possible I figured I should post the numbers from my brick phase leading into the taper. I wanted to do […]

Gotta Listen to The Body

A couple of days ago  I fished for taper week suggestions (here)  and I want to thank everyone for the great words of encouragement and suggestions.  One issue that has been nagging me a bit this week is the overall tiredness I am feeling.  My plan was to complete one more brick workout on Saturday […]

Starry Night Brick

I am now down to seventeen more days til I perform in my first triathlon and I am ready… er so I think.  I have stuck to my training plan and I am working my way through a second week of brick workouts.  This week I only have one bike/run brick in the mix. Last […]

First Brick Week 3 Left To Go

Last night I performed my first brick of the week, a simple bike/spin and swim brick.  This workout for me usually feels less exhausting than the bike and run brick, but I made sure to crank the intensity up to eleven.  As I had done previously, I opted to perform the swim component last, just […]

First Week of Brick Workouts In The Bag: Looking Back and Ahead

Yesterday marked the end of my first of three high intensity brick workout weeks.  Figured I would put this weeks goals and a recap of last weeks workout together as this tends to be more of a continuation from week to week.  Last week started off a jumbled mess as traffic an time constrained nearly […]

Trifecta Brick!

Hard to believe I am only 23 days away from my primary goal and source of motivation for the last year, my first triathlon.  Preparation for this event previously focused on composing the base endurance building blocks necessary to allow me to complete this triathlon.  Currently the focus has shifted focus aiming now at increasing […]

Rainy Monday Brick

As I pointed out yesterday (here) my goal for this week relies on compounded exercise groupings or more commonly termed ‘brick’ work outs.  The goal here is to focus on exploring the effects of performing these compounded sets to adjust and to adapt to their unique stresses, as well as building up a level of […]

Saturday Brick

This last Saturday I had decided I wanted to try a swim/bike(spin in my case) brick.  Of course the weather provided a beautiful day, so working out in the gym instead of on my real bike sorta sucked.  But, I had things to do that evening and I had a plan for Saturday’s workout.  I […]