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Still Alive… Part 2

In last Thursday’s post I hurriedly summarized the end of the year and circumstances that developed as I headed into the end of the year.  As I headed into December of 2015 I found myself injured and getting slower.  I decided I needed to take some time off and heal up.  I assessed the issue […]

Still Alive – Part 1

Last September I posted my race report for my first 50 mile ultra distance running race, the Georgia Jewel, to suddenly vanish from the blogging world.  I really am uncertain what happened, but I just suddenly felt the need to unplug from the blogging world and let myself disappear. Last year I embraced distance running and […]

Half Way There

Last year proved to be a pretty good year for me: I finished two Olympic distance triathlons and pushed myself through my first 50k ultra trail running race.  At the beginning of this year I decided to forgo triathlons and really focus on distance running and slimming down a bit to improve my overall speed. […]

Working the Plan

I know I have not directly stated my 2015 goals yet, I had a few things I was trying to clear up in my schedule before committing them to my blog.  Initially I had planned to cash in a free race entry for a race out in Portland,  but recent job instability has led me […]

2014 By the Numbers

In my last two posts I summerized my 2014 athletics season.  I deliberately omitted numbers and charts til this post as I wanted one post to just focus on what I achieved numbers wise.  One of the biggest trends of this year resulted in my focus transitioning from triathlon performance to ultra running distances.  At […]


This is a  continuation from my last post which can be found here. The first part of 2014 provided the base for the rest of the year I had initially planned.  By the time summer started I was preparing for three international/Olympic distance triathlons and a potential marathon or longer running race.  I was still […]

2014 In Review: My Story, My Year Part 1

Way back in March of 2012 I got the scare of my life, I was told I had super high blood pressure and if I did not change things I would be in the ground before I was fifty. The previous year I was diagnosed with diabetes and with a bit of a better diet […]

Out With The Old…

And in with the new.  Next week is New Years, which means new goals and new focus.  Hard to believe 2013 is finally on the way out. Personally, 2013 (I also mean October 2012 to present since I had an odd start date for this year’s athletic program) simply was an amazing year for me. […]

2013 Triathlon Season In Review: The Run

Last April 2012, the run was the ground zero starting point of my now completed first year as a runner and a triathlete.  In those initial days as I delved into madness, first deciding to run a 5k and not much later a season of triathlons, the run was my entrance into athletics.  For the […]

2013 Triathlon Season In Review: The Races

Last month I began to summarize my 2013 Triathlon race season along with all the related components (If you want to catch up you can click the link in the menu bar or here).  This article is the last one of two articles summarizing my season.  After my 5k race this weekend I will complete my review with my running […]