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Gearing Up For Awesome

Next weekend I will be running my first triathlon of my second season of triathlons., an Olympic or Intermediate or International(I am going to stick with intermediate or international from here on)  distance race.  This distance entails a near mile swim followed by a 24 mile bike (some add a mile or two to compensate […]

July Is In The Books

The  beginning of July marked the end of the first half of my race season, so I decided July would serve as a recovery month with no triathlons.  Of course it does not mean I took the month off entirely from racing, as I ended up doing a few races and even completed my first […]

Where To From Here

In five more weeks I will have finished the first half of my 2013 race schedule.  While it might not physically be the half way mark, it is training wise the half way mark.  When I setup this schedule last year I was uncertain about what I could do.  At the time I had little […]

Tour De Cure Phase In Review

Sunday’s  harrowing 37 mile bike ride (read about it here) marked the completion of my five week Tour De Cure phase.  This phase followed the completion of my first major milestone, my first triathlon.  I had several goals and objectives I wanted to achieve in this phase and a few I added as I went […]

This Taper Thing Is Going to KILL ME!!!

Last week I started my first round of taper guessing games as I tried to plan this week out.  At the time I was feeling spent and ready for the taper/recovery week to start.  Over the last three weeks I had reduced my volume and focused on a few high intensity bricks.  On Saturday one […]

State of the Union: Its All About the Taper

For the last three weeks I have reduced my volume of training but increased the intensity via brick workouts.  The plan has been to do three week of high intensity brick workouts, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I am currently on the third of these brick weeks with my final high intensive push.  Next week […]

Change of Plans

I found out this week that my morning and often evening gym is closing next week for renovations.  While I can go to another gym, it will add time to my commute and further complicate an already tight schedule.  My original plan was to do three weeks of intensity workouts to progress my abilities in […]

End of Base 5 Training Phase Recap

Last Sunday marked the end of my Base 5 periodization training phase and the last base phase of training.  Similar to the other phases the workouts consisted of three hard weeks of volume workouts followed by a recovery week.  As of this week I only have six weeks to go till my triathlon and so […]

Base 5 Phase Goals: 4 More Weeks of Awesome!

Last phase proved pretty interesting, as I found my schedule challenged due to sudden unemployment.  While I am working on rejoining the employed, I figure enough whining about that… it’s time to throw on some polyester and spandex and get to work.  As of today I have ten weeks til my first triathlon, which means […]

My Planning Tools

I have discussed my training and overall plan development in past posts, but rarely have I explained what tools I use to track my progress an for setting monthly and weekly goals.  Part of the reason I am writing this post stems from quite a few new GPS enabled fitness gifts received over the holidays.  Additionally I […]