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2013 Triathlon Season In Review: The Swim

One of my biggest goals this years involved overcoming my open water swimming fears and learning how to swim efficiently to enable me to propel my mass for distance.  Growing up I thought I was a pretty good swimmer, but as I entered triathlon swimming I discovered the opposite.  Swimming required allot of work to […]

Kicking off the Week Right!

I wanted to start the first major training day of this training week right and I could not have asked for a better way than to do a group open water swim followed by a 27 mile bike, all made possible by my local PTS Sports store and its staff.  The weather participated nicely and […]

Adventures In Swimming

When I started training for this triathlon back in May of 2012 I realized right away that endurance wise, I had the endurance of someone who barely ever left the couch.  Running, I barely lasted 20-30 seconds. Swimming was worse, I could go 100 meters (4 laps) but that was my max extent. Since then […]

Swimming Milestones: Open Water and a Mile

In swimming one of the major milestones for me has been the ability to swim a mile.  I think this proves a cornerstone for allot of new swimmers and it understandable why this distance is so daunting.  Similar to the 5k distance in running, a mile in swimming is a huge test of basic endurance. In a […]

Slaying the Open Water Swim Part 3!!!

As indicated previously, open water swimming has been an ongoing battle for me.  In the pool I can easily cover the distance and in the open water I should be able to easily cover the distance.  As I am not competing in a triathlon till next year I have some time to iron this out. […]