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2013 Triathlon Season In Review: The Swim

One of my biggest goals this years involved overcoming my open water swimming fears and learning how to swim efficiently to enable me to propel my mass for distance.  Growing up I thought I was a pretty good swimmer, but as I entered triathlon swimming I discovered the opposite.  Swimming required allot of work to […]

Going With the Flow: Swim Tempo Training

I owe allot of my current swimming success to the Total Immersion method of swimming.  Growing up I learned how to swim… flat with all legs and arms doing the work.  When I started to get ready for my first triathlon last year I immediately realized that was not going to work.  I researched triathlon […]

A Very Long Time In the Pool

Last week I mentioned that I participated in the Aqua Aerobics/Boot Camp class at my pool as it preceded my swim time and closed the pool for an hour.  I have opted to join the class as it does provide a different kind of full body workout and gets me pumped up for my swim […]

Back to the Pool I Go

Last Saturday was my first disastrous fail at swimming as I attempted to complete a distance I have done numerous times in open water (here).  Not to get discouraged I decided Wednesday night would be a good night to get some solid swim work in and reaffirm my ability to swim, at least in a […]

Kicking off the Week Right!

I wanted to start the first major training day of this training week right and I could not have asked for a better way than to do a group open water swim followed by a 27 mile bike, all made possible by my local PTS Sports store and its staff.  The weather participated nicely and […]

Saturday Brick

This last Saturday I had decided I wanted to try a swim/bike(spin in my case) brick.  Of course the weather provided a beautiful day, so working out in the gym instead of on my real bike sorta sucked.  But, I had things to do that evening and I had a plan for Saturday’s workout.  I […]

Beware of the Snake!!!

This morning I began the new base phase with my customary first morning swim.  The plan originally called for a series of pyramid or ladder laps,  about 3000 meters.  Once I realized that the pool was empty, I changed this plan and replaced it with snaking lane drills.  This is the first time I have tried […]

Brrr… My Pool Is Freezing

First day of the week and I have already put in a full day of workouts.  Early this morning I got up and threw myself into the freezing pool water at the gym, later in the evening I got my fist interval set for the week completed.  Overall not a bad training day.  While it […]

Another Step Towards Awesome

Yesterday I posted my weekly goals and my goals for the next four week training cycle. My biggest focus for this phase was to get back to basics and get a good solid month of training.  I knew with the last of the holiday days falling on this week I would have a limited week […]

I Think I Have This Backstroke Thing Figured Out

One of my goals for this phase aimed to add at least one additional stroke to my swimming.  When I have not been sick  or injured I have been working on the backstroke.  Initially, when I went through the total immersion swim drills, I learned a method of floating on the water that gives the […]