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Georgia Jewel 50: My Big Fat DNF!

While running my first 24 hour race last year, the Midsummer Nights Dream Ultra, I pushed my distance limitations from 37 miles to 55 miles.  After 21 hours of running 1 mile loops I had to quit with a total of 55 miles, for which I pushed myself and my limits.  At the end of […]

Still Alive… Part 2

In last Thursday’s post I hurriedly summarized the end of the year and circumstances that developed as I headed into the end of the year.  As I headed into December of 2015 I found myself injured and getting slower.  I decided I needed to take some time off and heal up.  I assessed the issue […]

Still Alive – Part 1

Last September I posted my race report for my first 50 mile ultra distance running race, the Georgia Jewel, to suddenly vanish from the blogging world.  I really am uncertain what happened, but I just suddenly felt the need to unplug from the blogging world and let myself disappear. Last year I embraced distance running and […]

Georgia Jewel 50 Mile Ultra Race Recap

My original goal for this year involved two giant goals, run a 24 hour race possibly getting 50+ miles and running the Tortoise and the Hare 50k race in November again to commemorate my first ultra distance race and see if I have improved my time.  Besides these big races I had decided to throw […]

And Then I Dissapeared…

When I began this blog back in 2012 my goal was simply to provide me a means to keep my self accountable.  At the start of the year I weighed close to 365 and had numerous health issues of notable concern. As I trained for my first 5k and eventually triathlons this blog transformed into a […]

Half Way There

Last year proved to be a pretty good year for me: I finished two Olympic distance triathlons and pushed myself through my first 50k ultra trail running race.  At the beginning of this year I decided to forgo triathlons and really focus on distance running and slimming down a bit to improve my overall speed. […]

Reflections of A Chilly February

February proved cold and bitter, providing great new seasonal challenges to my running regimen.  A few of my training runs felt almost spring like, but winter dominated in the form of frequent bitter cold and snowy dispatch.  Of course I did not let weather hinder my focus and resolve to improve my long distance capabities […]

Sweeping the Cloudland Canyon 50 Mile Race

In Ultra and Trail running runners are guided through the trail course through a mixture of signs and hanging flags.  For long races this leaves an usightly mess of hanging remnants at the end of the race. In ultra running parlance, a ‘sweeper’ is basically a runner that follows at the back of the race […]


This is a  continuation from my last post which can be found here. The first part of 2014 provided the base for the rest of the year I had initially planned.  By the time summer started I was preparing for three international/Olympic distance triathlons and a potential marathon or longer running race.  I was still […]

2014 In Review: My Story, My Year Part 1

Way back in March of 2012 I got the scare of my life, I was told I had super high blood pressure and if I did not change things I would be in the ground before I was fifty. The previous year I was diagnosed with diabetes and with a bit of a better diet […]