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Mental Toughness of Swimming Over a Mile

If you have been reading my blog for the last couple of weeks, I recently completed some major swimming milestones.  First, I swam a solid mile freestyle in the ocean (albeit with some stops and starts but never touching the bottom).  Following that I swam 1600 meters at once completing the mile distance.  Then last […]

Adventures In Swimming

When I started training for this triathlon back in May of 2012 I realized right away that endurance wise, I had the endurance of someone who barely ever left the couch.  Running, I barely lasted 20-30 seconds. Swimming was worse, I could go 100 meters (4 laps) but that was my max extent. Since then […]

Swimming Milestones: Open Water and a Mile

In swimming one of the major milestones for me has been the ability to swim a mile.  I think this proves a cornerstone for allot of new swimmers and it understandable why this distance is so daunting.  Similar to the 5k distance in running, a mile in swimming is a huge test of basic endurance. In a […]

Swimming Milestones: Almost to A Mile

I have blogged recently about my realization of being able to currently complete the distances that would ensure I finish a my selected first triathlon (here), but I have not talked about my swimming progress in detail.  When I first started training for my first triathlon, developing a fitness level that would allow me to […]

More Back To Basics Swimming

As I posted earlier today, due to external factors I have to take it easy in my workouts and I have begun to go back and revisit my swimming drills.  Doing swimming drills help extend the mechanics and flow of swimming.  Also, most importantly it helps to enforce muscle memory and make you a more […]

Back to Basics In the Pool

As I posted in my earlier post, I am stuck with really light non-heart stress inducing workouts right now.  In the words of my doctor: ‘brisk walking and light activity only’.  I understand this is because the pressure was so high he is afraid of me having a stroke or heart attack.  I digress.  So, […]

Change In Plans – If the Heart is Willing

Yesterday I mentioned that I had taken my blood pressure and it was in stage 2 hypertension (translate: really, really high).  I have already played the blame game and now its time to get the blood pressure down and figure out what I need to do going forward.  This poses some big problems, primarily, until […]

Slaying the Open Water Swim Part 3!!!

As indicated previously, open water swimming has been an ongoing battle for me.  In the pool I can easily cover the distance and in the open water I should be able to easily cover the distance.  As I am not competing in a triathlon till next year I have some time to iron this out. […]

My Pool Has Been Taken Over By Triathletes!!!

Before I started training for next year’s triathlon(s) I used to belong to a much simpler gym that did not have a pool.  Where I live, most gyms commonly don’t have pools.  So to my amazement, when I started up at a new gym with a pool I was amazed to realize that there were […]