Progression Reflection

10603410_10154587670770585_3825701551561148928_nIn December of 2010 I weighed 360 gross, obese pounds.  I could not run, let alone walk to the curb of my driveway without difficulty breathing.  I was in the worse shape imaginable.  A year later I would get the shock of my life as I began my never ending battle with my blood pressure (looks to be genetics) and diabetes.  In December of 2010 a friend at the time gave me a Football jersey as a present, size 4x and it fit perfectly.  I snapped my first picture of that jersey in celebration of the wonderful gift.  A few years later I went on this crazy fitness and weight loss journey and as my weight dropped and I got into better shape I continued to take a picture each year of me in the same football jersey.

885889_10154587658970585_9052215418634901460_oThis is just a quick post with the massive collage over the years wearing the same jersey.  In the first picture, 2010 I was 360 pounds wearing a 52-56 inch waist pant.   August 2012 was my first year of athletics and I had gotten down to a 48/50 inch waist pant and weighed closer to 300.  Last year I got down to 290 and I was wearing  a 46/48 pant.  In the most recent picture I am close to 270 and I wear a very loose 42 inch pant.  In the last two years I went from 320 (I did not document 360 to 320 but I started two years ago closer to 330) to 270 pounds and lost roughly 10 inches off my waist.  Of course this is just the visual changes, but its obvious from this blog there have been fitness gains as well.    All I can say its progress.

Til next time.



  1. You’re such an inspiration with all the activity you do and all the challenges that you’ve succeeded in. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you, I enjoy your blog as well.

  2. I think you need to get a shirt with #1 on it!

    1. Thanks for the flattery. It’s been hard work fueled by my new found running obsession.

  3. Awesome! I have some experience in the dedication it takes to stick to a new healthy lifestyle.. 4 years ago I weighed in at about 250 and now I tip the scales at 185. Your passion appears to be running where mine is mountain biking. Whatever you find that keeps you moving and getting out the door is all it takes. Love to hear success stories such as yours and hope the whole world finds their fitness passion some day. Take care and stay safe!

    1. Thank you my new friend.

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