Ides of March: First Week Done

Weekly NumbersFirst week of March is in the books, surprising me how fast things are moving this month.  As I mentioned previously (here) my goals for March are simple: continue to prepare for triathlon season and focusing on my designed run program.  Of course adding  a Ragnar relay race into the beginning of next month has modified that plan a bit, as my training needs to reflect specifics of that race. So I have merged my half marathon training plan I have been following and modified it to add Ragnar trail race specific work outs into my mix of workouts.

March Week 1 Highlights

  • The biggest highlight for the week was my first 5k for the year, the 5k in Paradise on Saturday night/Sunday morning, ran to celebrate the clock going forward at 1AM.  I have not ran a 5k since last December and while my time did not feel very fast, I felt like I controlled my pace through the entire run.  It was the most control I have ever felt during a race of any length.  I also found that warming up for a mile or so ahead of time really helped.
  • Another 20 mile running week.  Amazed I pulled this off without a weekend long run.
  • Modified my Friday run by running two times within four hours of each other (details here).
  • 1 successful strength and Pilates sessions completed.
  • Swim and spin is where I really fell off this week, with very little of either.
  • Two posts on this blog. Better than the one I was completing before.

This week I will continue with that running workout and add some night/morning dark time trail running as well. Last weeks overall numbers were a bit low in the spin and swim category so I will need to work on getting some solid work in both of those departments..  I will have to focus more on ensuring that my two workouts in each get more focus on and attention to hit my monthly goals.  Overall I am continuing with my running focus but I need to make sure my other triathlon effort areas do not suffer as well.

Weekly running numbers.

Weekly running numbers.

Week 2 Goals and Schedule

  • Monday – Dark morning trail run.  Goal here is to get more comfortable running trails in the dark.
  • Tuesday(Morning) – 4×3 minutes uphill at threshold pace with two miles of jogging before and after hill sprints.
  • Tuesday(Evening) – Pilates and Strength training
  • Wednesday – 2 4 mile runs four hours apart. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.  This simulates running on tired legs similar to each Ragnar leg.
  • Thursday(Morning) – 4000 meter swim workout
  • Thursday(Evening) – Spin
  • Friday – Dark morning trail run.
  • Saturday – Long run.  I want to shoot for something over fifteen miles as this will be the only weekend I have a chance to go beyond that distance.
  • Sunday – Spin class followed by an hour of spinning.  I will follow that two hours with an hour and a half to two hour swim workout.
  • Running – 30 miles
  • Swimming -6000 meters
  • Spinning – 40 miles or 3 hours
Me at the Chasing Moonlight 5k.

Me at the Chasing Moonlight 5k.

Looks exhausting just laying it out, but this is pretty much the schedule I have been following for a few weeks now with the addition of Ragnar specific workouts.  My running mileage might force me to running all easy runs next week and fewer speed workouts, but this is only the second week of April and I do not have any races til the end of the month.  I might be able to run my furthest in one run and in a week at the end of this week as the numbers are going right now.

I am enthusiastic and eager for Ragnar and my night time trail race, but those are at the end of this month and the beginning of next month.  For now I have to use the time and continue to train and prepare for those events and the events beyond.  I need to remember that when the running is over triathlon season takes over and that I need to be prepared for my summer triathlons.  I am getting excited as the weather is heating up and the months are ticking down til summer and triathlon season get here.  Til next time.


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  1. Send some of that warmth up this way would you? It’s nasty out – still snowing.

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