Yes You Are A Runner!

This is a new blog I am currently following and I love this post. As a slower runner and frequent run/walker I too have struggled with my identity as a runner. Give it a read.

Running On Healthy


A few years ago when I first came back to really running on a regular basis I was reading an article in the New York Times.  It was the week before the New York Marathon and the article was about marathon runners and how certain runners regard others.  The main emphasis of the article was on sub 4 hour marathoners vs. those runners who take 4-8 hours to complete a marathon.  Many of the faster runners went on to basically say that it annoyed them that people would complete a 6 hour marathon and say that they “ran” it.  According to the article, faster runners felt like this wasn’t really running a marathon and more of a brisk walk.  To be a real marathon runner meant truly running a sub 4 hour marathon.

At the time I had never completed a marathon.  My husband had also asked me earlier that…

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  1. That kind of mentality bothers me. Why would a faster marathoner even care that a slower one takes 6 hours to finish the race? There is room for everyone in a sport like running, no need to be snooty!

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