Snowy Week In Hothatlanta

Weekly numbers for week 5 compared to month numbers.

Weekly numbers for week 5 compared to month numbers.

Before I go into detail on the month as a whole I figure I need to spend a bit of time recapping last week as I got buried under mounds of work and had little time for much else besides eating, running and working.  Oh and Atlanta had a total melt down… guess pile up would be a better way to put it.  Last week the entire city shut down and became an all time humongous mess.

Last Tuesday, Atlanta had a mid-afternoon/early morning melt down caused by allot of poor decision making by city, county and state official  over a sudden flurry of snow and cold weather.  This whole incident lead to super congestion on the highways, stranding kids in school and motorists for hours, on the interstates and high ways.  A big huge mess that took days to resolve.  During this ordeal I lucked out.  I worked Monday night late from home and thus figured I would call in for work the next day.  As the snow began to fall and stick and a mass exodus clogged the interstates and roads I was sitting comfortably at home working on my laptop enjoying the falling snow.

Getting a taste for snowy winter trail running, so cold but fun!

Getting a taste for snowy winter trail running, so cold but fun!

Of course I was  not contempt to watch the snow fall and accumulate, I knew I wanted to try my hand at snow running.  After two or more inches of accumulation I layered up and put on my trail shoes.  I figured these would give me more traction and stability than my running trainers.  The plan was to run a mile or so of snow covered trail around my house, while snow was still falling. I wanted the entire experience.  I found it was very difficult to judge foot fall and often the inches of snow lead to extra work raising my foot.  In the end I had a super slow 24 minutes per mile run/walk in the snow and loved every minute of it.

Weekly Run Numbers

Weekly Run Numbers

The following day I had a five mile run planned so this time I decided I would put on my trail shoes and run my five mile road course, which was still covered with heavy blankets of snow.  At first I had to figure where and when to place my feet, discerning snow from ice.  As I adjusted I got really good at reading the parts that were snow and sticking to those parts for running.

All told, I got about nine miles of snowy running leading into Friday and my hips and legs were sorer than usual from the weight of my trail shoes and the technicality of the running conditions.  By Thursday I was yearning for a spin and or a swim, but I knew I had used the time and resources I had available as wisely as possible.

Saturday's  4.5 mile loop elevation.  I did this twice for a total of 9 miles.

Saturday’s 4.5 mile loop elevation. I did this twice for a total of 9 miles.

keeping with my schedule and the newly found 50 degree weather I continued with my schedule for the week and on Saturday hit out on a local trail system near my home.  Basically its a great 4.5 mile series of two loops, one which has an old rock quarry for a few minutes of restful solitude.  Hard part about running this trail is the elevation never stops climbing or descending.  I opted for two 4 mile loops of both loop sets aiming for the second run through  to be faster than the first.  As the sun melted the ice and snow the trail became super slippery on the second attempt at my 4 mile course, resulting in numerous slides down sections of the trail.  After 9 miles, two loops I was covered in mud and my glutes and hips… heck every muscle in my body, was screaming with sore. Still very sore on Sunday morning I decided to finish off my week with my usual 2 hours of spin and hour and a half of swimming, about 2900 meters of drills.

Georgia became a snowy wonderland.

Georgia became a snowy wonderland.

While not exactly the week I had initially planned, I feel I still made the most of this week.  When I put on my trainers next week my feet should feel like they are flying.  While I did not get the usual variety I prefer in my week, I still tried to make the most of what I had available. Of course I am a little dissapointed that I   missed my weekly 20 miles of running by less than two miles, of course I am not sure if I could have ran another mile on Saturday.  A great week of fun snow running and getting the work done.  Til next time.



  1. cool southern snow shots chatter!

    1. Thanks, all taken with my phone.

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