Still Alive

WeekStatsI am usually really good about posting at least my goals for the week, but the last two weeks I have been a bad blogger, I have not posted at all.  This has been mostly due to the storm of work I have been buried under lately and the volume of my workouts have taken a great amount of precedence.  Last post I discussed the trail running race, my first.  It went well, albeit slowly.  Since then I have continued to focus on pushing forward and getting my training in.  The last two weeks I have been consistent with my my attempt at getting a solid twenty miles of running a week and I have maintained my other triathlon related fitness (swimming and biking).  So things are moving along well.  Hopefully things at work will ease up and I can begin to share more.

My numbers for the last two weeks have been solid, yet the winter weather has made running outside very difficult.  I have still gotten my workouts done on the treadmill.   Since I am limited on time for this posting Ill post my numbers and running mileage breakdown as well as some goals for this week.

Weeks Goals

  • 20 Miles of running
  • Long run on trails this week.
  • 2 Swim workouts
  • 3 hours of spin-2 classes.
  • 1 Strength session
  • Running in snow on trails (Its coming down in buckets here and I am strategizing how to run in this and not freeze!

WeeklyRunNumsNot much more going on, still working on hitting the monthly numbers.  The biggest win I have had recently was running the most miles I ever ran in a month.  Last December my high was reached with 36 miles, I am right now at 72.3 miles and still have a week left.  That is pretty much for now, time to go see if I can run in the snow and not freeze! Til next time.



  1. That is a lot of miles!

    1. Its a first for me and part of my goal for the year.

  2. Awesome numbers! Keep up the good work, but do be careful out there. Not only do you not want to freeze, but an injury from teh ice/snow would not be good! Stay safe (and warm!)

    1. Thanks. I survived, found running snowy trails to be a very slow task. Going to try snowy roads today.

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