Second Week Of January: Done

One of my new pairs of shoes.  These are zero drop which means the heel is level  with the toe, leading to more of a mid-foot landing instead of the heal. Definitely going to take some getting used to.

One of my new pairs of shoes. These are zero drop which means the heel is level with the toe, leading to more of a mid-foot landing instead of the heal. Definitely going to take some getting used to.

This month is just whizzing by, hard to believe it is already the third training week of 2014.  With a new week comes the usual previous week reflection and the setting of new goals.  I felt loss in December when I stopped having goals to work towards, but it truly was a transition month where I allowed myself to be free of the usual scheduling grind.  Of course I did not reduce the training too much, just untethered it from a strict schedule.  I ran more and did less biking/spinning and swimming.  That was my definition of offseason enjoyment.  But its time to get to work again and that means living by the “schedule”.

For me this year I am focused primarily on the run as I have stated before.  This means in the order of priorities I need to avoid skipping run workouts.  Next in line is spinning/cycling and lastly swimming. This means I need to try to get swimming and spinning done, but if anything has to be alleviated from the schedule then its first swim and next spin.  I still shoot to get at least two workouts a piece, but the third might get dropped.  I had to set things up this way so I can focus on my primary goal of getting better at running and increasing the overall efficiency of my legs.

MonthlyGoalsMonthly numbersLast week was a pretty good week workout wise.   Georgia had an icy cold snap that lasted a couple of days, breaking up the schedule a bit.  Of course on the first of the icy days I decided I had to try and tackle freezing temperatures on a run.  This lead me to pushing indoors and running on a treadmill til the temperatures got back up to into the 20 degree range.

StatsWeekJanuary Week 2 Highlights

  • 21 Miles of Running.  Big goal has been to build to larger consistency in the run program and I think this week I did pretty much that.  I had a good mix of hard workout runs mixed in with easy runs.
  • 2 Swim workouts.  I wanted three but that was just not possible this week as I ran out of the time.  I did attend a group pool workout that added some good variety.
  • 2 Spin workouts.  One of the workouts needed to be two hours but I missed out on that opportunity as I simply ran out of time.
  • 11 hours of overall training completed
  • New shoes.  My favorite pair of trainers were starting to lead to pains in the legs so I retired them and bought two new pairs of shoes.  Started to break them in this week and try to get used to them.  One of the pairs is a light weight zero drop pair of shoes.
  • 11 Miles of really tough steep hill climb long run.
  • Completed a strength and pilates workouts.  Amazed that I am up 810+ on lying leg presses and 185+ on bench press.

This was a good week for me, I got allot of my training completed and I now have four pairs of running shoes to rotate.  Running wise I noticed that the program is paying off.  When I run long I tend to stick to 1:1 run to walk ratio.  Last month I was running .07-.076 per minute ran where now I am running .081-.088 per minute leg.  Some improvement, not much but a little.  On weekdays I try to just run continuously and only use ratios when I feel too tired or I am warming up.

Running distribution for the week.

Running distribution for the week.

January Week 3 Goals

  • Going to really try for 3 swims this week.
  • 24 miles of running.  Was supposed to run a 13 for the long run, but I am thinking of trying my hand at trail running this weekend and doing a race with my brother.
  • 3 hours of spin.  Really need to try and stick a long section once a week.
  • Pilates and weight lifting – again trying to just get them done with this busy schedule
  • Lock lace my new shoes.  I ran my long run in a pair of unbroken in shoes and their stiffness proved painful at later miles.  Also I did not replace the laces with locklaces and as my feet swelled, they pushed on the shoe.  Replace laces, problem solved.

Pretty short list of goals and mostly numbers based goals but still a good target for the week.  Deciding to join my brother for a race this weekend should be fun and something a little different.  It throws my numbers into havoc but the trail race will be a nice break from the pavement pounding I often do.  Til next time.


  1. Great goals – I’ve got to start incorporating non-running sports if I want to do a half-Ironman this year! So far, I’ve only been running!

  2. sweatingforit · · Reply

    I love how specific you are in your goals and how analytical you are in your training.

    1. It is truly what makes this fun for me. I need the goals to succeed and have a measure of success and I need the numbers to determine how things are going so I can adapt. Guess its the late aspiring athlete in me coming out. GRIN

  3. I like the running distribution graphic. Which package produces that please?

    1. It’s a feature in strava. Not sure if it’s a premium feature.

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