The Meaning of Things

images (1)On Monday I ran in the coldest temperatures I have ever tried to or want to run in(details here).  Of course post run I had time to share the adventure on face book and look at it from afar and realized I was lucky to have finished 2.3 miles and that I could have stupidly have injured myself. Later a friend of mine commented on my facebook status with “Bad Ass”, a comment that I sorta enjoyed. My wife took the compliments and run posting as a sign of my deprivation and blamed the stupidity of my run on my need for attention and gratification. This response tail spinned me into thinking about why exactly I decided to run in such cold weather, was it for the need to brag and post on social media or was there something else, a deeper purpose.

I realized shortly after that what I really expected out of this experience involved my need to know what was the lowest temperature I could run in, how much cold could I endure.  Reflecting further I realize this need goes beyond this incident, it defines all my recent athletic pursuits.  What I really am striving for is a definition of my possible limits.

Looking at running, I know I can run for hours and miles and that I keep pushing my runs to gar farther and/or longer.  I truly want to know how much I can push myself to new limits.  Weather is no different, just another factor.  In all my athletic pursuits I have entered the stage where i no longer care about being the fastest or go the longest.  What I seek is an understanding of how far I can push myself, where my limits end.  These limits define my life as an athlete and as a person.  I know with confidence how tough I am, how with the right push, how far or long I can go.  I know the limits of what I can endure.

That in my opinion boils down the core, raw base of all my goals and training.  I want to be better than I am now and I was last year.  I want to endure more, last longer and I want to be able to go faster and harder.  This is the meaning of pure athletecism I am striving for in my quest to discover myself and reinvent myself as I am now, not who I was a few years ago.  I am the person now who relishes in the joy of pushing the limit and going just a bit more.  I crave and live for the need to go further, farther and longer.  Just when I think I hit a limit, I push and strive to go beyond that lime.  This is what it means to be an athlete  to me. Til next time.



  1. I know that sometimes I run in less than smart conditions, and while part of it is that I like doing what most won’t do what I just did, I need the rush and endorphins more! It makes me feel alive!

    1. Definitely an addiction.

  2. I wrote a post on here a few weeks ago about goals, etc. Check it out. You are tapping into the true treasure of fitness, the desire to conquer things most people wouldn’t want to! I live in Alabama and ran 9 miles last Friday morning and the temp was 23 degrees. The coldest race i’ve done (with 500 others) was -18 degrees in 2011. My lungs hurt for a week after that race but I learned alot about cold weather running. You just have to learn how your body reacts in different temps. Last Friday I wore 3 layers, gloves, and a stocking cap and finished the run with a mild sweat going. Enjoy the adventure of fitness! I applaud you for your cold weather run!

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I am still new to this and I will not say I will never run in that cold of weather, but I do not have the clothing right now to run in below 20 degree weather. Thanks.

  3. Don’t let anyone put you down for the challenges you conquer. From reading your blog I don’t think it has to with gratification as much as it does to motivate others. Keep up the hard work.

    1. Thank you. I hope I motivate and inspire at least a few people. I love sharing in this little adventure of mine and reading tons of others.

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