Time to Focus

WeeklyNumbersLast week marked the beginning of my push for the first part of the year leading to my first triathlon in a few months.  Of course I have a 15k and three half marathons to get through before I get to that point of my season and my training could not be stricter.  Last year when I started I took a balanced easy approach to training, constantly on the edge of fear over over training.   One thing I realize now, the more you train the better the mind and body get attuned and I know now I can push harder before breaking.

Monthly numbers

Monthly goals.

MonthlyGoalsThus this year my workout schedule is not simply three runs, bikes and swims.  Instead its a  focused attack on strengthening my weaknesses and pushing me beyond my previous safe levels.  Unlike last year, this year’s workouts are laid out and specific goal based workouts aimed at squeezing out the most performance.  Since running is still such a strong focus leading into my triathlon season its very tightly structured with my third and final half marathon in the 90 day sequence of half marathons.

Strava's new toy and  a cool way to look at this weeks runs.

Strava’s new toy and a cool way to look at this weeks runs.

Last week was the first week of this training cycle and my goal was just to get things going.  I wanted a third twenty mile week but getting briefly sick before new years and running in a pair of needing to be retired shoes lead to some pains that sidelined me from my long run goals and thus I only pulled out ten miles for the week.  Besides that I did complete two really intense spin sessions and I had an awesome weight training session.

2014 First Week Highlights

  • Three hours of hard core technical spin classes
  • 10 hours of running,not the 20 I had planned but better to heal up now and get ready for the long training schedule ahead.
  • Bench press up to 175 pounds and leg press machine 810 pounds (18 45 pound plates).  Did 5 sets at 3-4 reps per set. (Followed it up with spin class!!!)
  • Time trialed my 1500 meters in the pool with 33:27  (there was an extra lap in there)
  • Resolution run on New Years Day – First 10k road race for the year.

Not my best week but a good base to build off of for future weeks.  From this week forward I have a strict plan that I will adhere to for running and swimming.  Of course the plan is mostly a backbone that I will react adaptively to as i train and push forward, reading my body and what its telling me before each workout.

Moving Into January Weekly Goals

  • 20 Miles of running – try to adhere to the spirit of my running schedule and make sure to attempt all speed work and progressive runs where scheduled
  • Back to pilates, been out of practice due to the holidays
  • Start drill and technique pool based sessions
  • Continue with two base spin sessions following one with an extra hour of additional work.
  • At least one strength session completed for the week.
  • Not freeze to death, temperatures are down in the teens and below in Georgia for the next few days.. work has to get done, might have to move to treadmill.
  • If I get all three workouts completed should be at 6000 meters in the pool.

That is pretty much it for me, running and more running with some focused swimming and cycling work mixed in.  My favorite pair of shoes are now being retired just shy of 300 miles.  Low mileage, but for a big guy and lots of weather it was bound to happen sooner than later.  I still have two pair of shoes to switch between and one of them has a 8mm inset.  I am really beginning to like the lower heel to toe ratio shoes.  I have since ordered two more pairs of shoes on liquidation, both with lower insets.  One of the pairs is a no drop shoe that was cheap enough to entice me to try it. If anything I can wear it for short mileage if I do not like it.  I just need shoes to rotate with the added number of days I am running .  I think shoe obsession should be one of the runners level of the underworld.  Its important to get things going this month as it will setup my future attitude in future months.  Good start so far, only going to get better from here on out.  Til next time.



  1. 810 pounds! Beastly weight, don’t over do it. Question for you were your chart says duration it looks like xls format is for date instead of time, consider inserting a column for Workout Duration Planned and attempted so you can see the differences. Great work! I’ve enjoyed following you in 2013 and look forward to 2014!

    1. Great idea on duration. Right now I just focusing on consistency trying to stick to 20+ running miles a week and specific distances for swimming with timed spins. Funny thing about the 810 is I went and busted out a very difficult spin session afterwards and I felt like I might be able to add a few more plates.
      Thanks for following along.

  2. sweatingforit · · Reply

    I am so impressed with your swimming. Although I’ve been running for 15 or so years, I pretty much left the pool behind after elementary school. Have you been a swimmer for long? Did you swim in school? Have you swum with a coach ever?

    1. Technically I am a self taught swimmer. I grew up swimming traditional flat American Red Cross style where you lie flat and use arms and legs to propel forward. When I started to prepare for triathlons in 2012 I could not swim more than 50 meters without exhaustion. I researched triathlon swimming on line and retaught myself the total immersion or triathlon style of swimming. I started to work on getting to a point where I could swim a mile and eventually had to become comfortable with swimming in open water. In a little more than a year I have become very comfortable in the pool and open water and feel like I am a slow but strong swimmer. I know I can do a mile very comfortably and I should be able to break 2 minutes per 100 meters in my swimming this year. I am totally self coached, but read and learn everything possible from experts.

      Thanks for the compliment. I feel strongest in swimming and this is why I am focusing more on running right now and less in the pool.

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