Birthday Week Review

MainDecember rolls on while I continue trying to keep myself going forward.  Last week’s highlight was two fold: my 40th birthday and my final 5k running race of the season.  As per my usual Monday (sometimes Tuesday routine) I need to do a review of last week and then set some goals for this week.


In triathlon I have technically been 40 all year!

I am not sure which was a bigger deal last week, my 40th birthday or my final 5k of my 2013 running season.  The birthday seemed fairly uneventful as in triathlon terms I have been 40 all year (USAT ages everyone on January first), so the actual birthday did not feel enormous.  Of course I ate what I wanted on my birthday and because I was racing on Saturday I kept the workouts low to non existent.  The highlight of the day of course, besides taking the day off of work, was watching both Hobbit movies in the theater back to back for a total of over six hours of movie watching!  Unfortunately I did not plan food out better and ended up eating a few tubs of popcorn and nachos as my only meal.  The day ended up being fun and I had a wonderful time hanging out with my wife.

ElfTrotMainThe bigger event for last week involved the final race in the Kennesaw Grand Prix.  One of my big running goals for the year was to run the entirety of this series, with this being the final race.  Turns out Saturday was in the 40’s and was very rainy.  So this was a very wet and rainy run.  Back in May I completed my first race in this series in 41 minutes.  Since then I have broken the 40 minute barrier.  But Saturday was not the day to further break my PR.  Actually it was a day to return to a finish time close to the beginning of the season.  Besides the cold and wet conditions, I lost drive as I headed into the park and into my second mile, I sorta slowed down.  As I finished mile two I caught myself and sped back up.  Not sure what happened, but I will have time to work on this time before running another 5k.  On a positive note, looking at the pace distribution, I pushed this run more into the tempo range, which is where I want to be for racing.

PaceDistributionBirthday Week Highlights

  • Finished the entire Kennesaw Grand Prix 5k series to finish off my running season.
  • Continued to work on weight lifting regiment.
  • Got 6 hours of training in (mostly spin and run)
  • Another week of completing strength training and pilates
  • Began to work through 2014 Race Season

Middle December Week 2 Goals

  • Continue to get 2014 figured out and planned
  • 3 Run sessions (1 speed, 1 5k or so and 1 13 mile run)
  • Continue with strength training and Pilates
  • Try to get at least one swim and one spin session in.
  • Try to continue to eat healthier and slim down for upcoming season.

My cube Christmas display!!!

Not allot planned right now as my goal is to finish this year without too much damage from the off season.  I mentioned last year I was feeling unmotivated and a bit lost without a major goal to strive for.  I am still struggling to push through this and get myself to the next year.  The saving grace in all this is the really difficult running race schedule I have planned for the beginning of 2014, but without a season goal yet to work on, things are a bit adrift.  I am just pushing on and moving forward.  Things are feeling more normal as I continue to work and plan my training and racing goals for next year.  Just have to get through a couple of weeks.  Guess I will just have to go run to boost my morale.  Til next time.


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