Better Late Than Never


Weekly off season numbers.

One of the keys to my triathlon success revolves around my non-stop determination to stick to the process of creating/setting goals and then enacting a plan to reach those goals. Furthermore I often have placed those goals up on this site for the month and the week as well as my review.  This process has made me extremely successful in my first year of newly minted athleticism.  Problem I am having right now lies in the lack of motivation to post and review goals.  Right now I feel like I am directionless and floating out of control.  I know this is a side effect of the final major yearly goal coming to conclusion and the end of the year.

Sunday's 7.5 miile run details.

Sunday’s 7.5 miile run details.

Part of it also is the current state of flux I feel everything is in right now.  Last year I had a list of goals and a plan to follow and I just pushed forward with the plan.  Right now, I am in between plans, in between seasons.  While I am still pushing forward with running and weight lifting things continue to feel out of control.  Guess this is the true off season, delayed for me by my late season half marathon. For this month I am just going to have to enjoy resting a bit.

This month the idea is to increase weight  and push out 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps.  My lying leg presses use 10 45 pound plates. I can do this comfortably for 4 sets of 12 right now.

This month the idea is to increase weight and push out 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps. My lying leg presses use 10 45 pound plates. I can do this comfortably for 4 sets of 12 right now.

Technically I am still active, putting in about eight hours a week in the gym.  The lack of a strict year plan and goal races is the shocking part that is leading the charge of my current doldrums.   As I stated earlier, I am still focusing on running and weight lifting.  I have even managed to throw in a few swim sessions and I have found I am swimming more often a one hundred meter swim in 1:53-1:58, down from 2:08 a few months ago.  Additionally I am still working on the spin bike to get my legs ready for next years cycling season.

Last week’s big focus centered on my end of week 7.5 mile run.  Earlier in the week I had attempted a 3 mile run a few days after my half marathon and found my legs were trashed. I was way slower than I had been in months. During my Sunday medium run of 7.5 miles though my legs felt good and ready for the run. I had decided to try an old bike route of 7 miles for this run.  Ironically, this distance used to wear me out on the bike.  The challenge to this run was the extremely steep hills it presented.

Besides the steep hills, the weather was in the low 40’s with a threat of rain when I started.  As I climbed yet another steep hill at mile 3, it began to drizzle.  By mile 4 the sky opened up and I was caught in a very wet and cold down pour.  I had only one option, keep running.  The downpour stopped after a half hour, but by then I was wet and soaked, but still happy to be running.  Overall not a bad run and I think I can tie this route into my 4.5-5 mile route to make something close to a half marathon distance for future long runs.  I find its challenging to figure out running courses when you are looking to complete a specific distance without too much boring looping.

7.5 mile run elevation.

7.5 mile run elevation.

First Week December Highlights:

  • Half marathon recovery week but still got over 8 hours of training completed.
  • 7.5 mile run in just under 2 hours – sticking to the 4 miles per hour pace.
  • Thursdays spin session was brutal, especially after completing a 30 minute swimming speed workout.
  • 100 meter swimming lap wise I can consistently swim 1:53-1:58  now.  Need to work to translate this into my longer distance swimming.

40 BDay Week Goals

  • Turn 40!
  • Complete my last 5k race in the Kennesaw Grand Prix series (I have ran all 5 of them so far)
  • Get a session of pilates
  • Wrap up 2013 review articles with one focusing on my triathlons and after Saturdays race my running.
  • Continue to work on next years race schedule and budget and training plan (needs to be completed soon!)
  • Related to above figure out measurable goals for next year.  This will be my first year with distance goals I want to achieve.
  • Watch the Hobbit and Hobbit 2 back to back on my birthday in the theater.

Pretty straight forward week with my birthday being the highlight.  Just wish I was not feeling so blah right now.  Not sure if it is due to not having a major race or plan for right now or if it is something else.  Will have to get over it and if its the former just accept that I will have a plan together starting January heading into 2014.  A day late with the goals and numbers for the week, better late than never.  Til next time.



  1. sweatingforit · · Reply

    Yay for birthday weeks!

    1. Let the fun begin!

  2. Been having a tough go myself brother… I’m on the bike (trainer) but no motivation to really push it. Decided to take it relatively till January so I have a good long while to sit in it and get sick of being unmotivated… Then come January 1, it’s hammer time.

    1. I think I delayed the off season depression with that Thanksgiving day half marathon. Just have to stick with it and get ready for the next year and next great season. Thanks for the support.

  3. Hahahahahaha….the other day I was running and the thought occurred to me, “Huh…this used to be a “long” bike ride for me….” Take it easy for a bit….long time til race season!

    1. There is a long time, but I feel like I need to be doing something. So odd how these distances shrink with time.

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