Double Digits!!!!

MainStatsLast year I struggled to complete a 5k in under 55 minutes.  Last Saturday I finally broke into double digits in my running miles, topping off a great follow up week to the double 5k  races in one day feat of a week ago(details).  I have worked hard the past year, progressing beyond all my original hopes and aspirations.  In a few weeks on Thanksgiving day I will be running my first half marathon ever!   In preparation for that I scheduled a ten mile run for Saturday/Sunday, providing the end of a wonderful off season training week.


Route entailed two 4.5 mile circles up some 20% graded hills and some long uphills.


MainThe run took me just over two hours and twenty minutes, but I felt confident that I could have gone three more miles and finished before three hours and thirty minutes which is the course shut down time for my first half marathon.   I mixed up my run walk ratios allot though, sticking primarily to five minutes of running and one minute of walking.  When I hit a hill or needed some extra rest I just changed my ratio to two minutes running and one minute of walking.  Using this mix kept me feeling fresh and able to push forward through the run.  Of course I am now sorer than usual because this was a new distance.  Still Saturday was a great day and I felt strong in my running, bring on the half!

Pacing distribution based on my best 5k race time.

Pacing distribution based on my best 5k race time.

I joke about the off season training as I find myself still putting in some decent volume of work.  The focus is what has really changed, as I am currently focused on running and weight lifting and use spin and swimming as cross training workouts.  Very different from triathlon training where I try to get a balance of all three.  My endurance has rocketed to a different level and while 8 hours a year ago would have been a drastic volume, now its easily manageable.

Offseason Week 3 Highlights:

  • Double Digits: First run over 10 miles!!!
  • Completed allot of spin work focusing on recovery and technique.
  • Missed swimming this week, but it is a secondary focus
  • Got a great speed pyramid workout on the treadmill
  • Completed 2 Low weight high rep workout sets
  • Focused daily on recovery stretching and rolling – hips feeling better

Week 4 Goals

  • Going to aim for an early week light running session, mid week speed session and finish the week off with a 6 mile run this weekend.
  • Need to get back to Pilates
  • At least 1 distance or technique swim session
  • Keep working on getting hips loose with continuous recovery work focusing on stretching and rolling
  • Get at least one technical session on spin bike, otherwise focus on recovery spinning (high cadence lower gear)
  • Have fun

One thing I have found I truly enjoy about the off season is that I am not tightly bound to workouts.  I can move them around, skip them and if I want just have some fun.  I am a little too rigid still, but this is because I need the rigidity to keep myself on track.  I have moved things around lately more than I traditionally would have in my normal training and I have spent allot more time rehabbing my muscles with foam roller and stretching than I usually have.  I am looking forward to running my first half marathon on thanksgiving day and cannot wait to enjoy the run and dinner with family and friends.  Last week was a great week with an awesome milestone to end it.  Til next time.




  1. Congratulations on the double digits! Have fun with you half marathon when it comes about 🙂

  2. You are making good progress and should be ready for that half. After Triathlons, it should be a piece of cake.
    I’m in the off season as well. I have 2 5Ks between now and New Years. Just fun runs and no goal other than to have a good time.

    1. I have no doubt about finishing the half. Its amazing to imagine that right around this time last year I was intimidated by my 55 minute 5k time and never imagined going this distance. Here is to a great end of season my friend.

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