SweatVac Race Hat Review and Giveaway

imagesIf you have followed this blog for a while, you might have noticed that all running pictures of me always feature me in a baseball style ball cap. Ask any runner and each will have their own reason for their respective headwear choice, be it visor, ball cap, bandanna or something else altogether.  I prefer the ball cap style as it covers my head, providing a bit of shade and it its made correctly with modern day materials it will keep sweat away from my eyes.  Of course I do not wear regular ball caps which can restrict heat from escaping, instead I wear breathable mesh material, similar to modern sports clothing that wicks the sweat away.  I find these hats do a good job of allowing the head to breath while keeping sweat and sun glare out of the face and eyes.  Recently I had a chance to review SweatVac’s Race Cap and at the end of this post I will be giving one away.


(Taken from SweatVac Website)

  • 100% machine washable
  • Ultra light weight, less than 2 oz.
  • SweatVac® moisture management system keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable while stopping sweat from running into your eyes
  • UltraVac liner stays dry against your skin and channels moisture away
  • DriSmart technical shell provides rapid moisture evaporation
  • Reflective technology on front brim and back fastener
  • Black fabric under bill reduces glare
  • Comfort-fit stretch fastener system delivers secure, one handed on-the-go adjustability and unsurpassed comfort
The hat in action!

The hat in action!


Modern sport hats are made to work at an extremely high level.  Most of these hats need to provide breathability and an ability to keep the athletes head dry.  These are two of the key factors I am looking for when looking for hats to run in.  I want my head dry as possible, yet at the same time I wanted the added benefit of breathability.   The Sweat Vac race hat is well constructed and feels amazingly sturdy for how light is.  The fabric used allows the head to breath easily while at the same time keeping the head dry.    The black on the brim does a good job of reducing glare.  One touch that I love is the reflective piping outlining the bill of the hat.  When I run in the dark I want to be seen and this touch provides a nice extra bonus that not all performance hats provide.

Sweat Vac clothing is known for its sweat wicking abilities and this hat follows that reputation.  After several long runs my head did not feel overly heated from wearing the hat and remained pretty dry, even past the saturation point.  At one point at the end of a run, I tilted my head forward and sweat ran down the brim, I was amazed as my head did not feel that much moisture.  Further, I wore this hat in some high sun/high humidity environments(Florida)  during a run or two and it continued to do its job well., keeping me dry and cool.

The fit for me was the only sticking point, but this is common for performance hats.  While it was easily adjustable the hat tended to feel a little small on my forehead and had to be pulled down a bit  to feel right.  This might be more of an issue with how I wear hats or due to my forehead being slightly longer than these hats require.  This made the fit feel tight, even when the strap was loosened up in the back.  Of course this could also be done on purpose to put the material closer to the skin so it can properly remove moisture.

Greatest washing instructions ever!

Greatest washing instructions ever!


If you like to wear a cap over a visor and you need something that will help to keep your head dry during training or a race I would recommend this product.  Its easily adjustable and while it was a little tight on my head, I still use it as it works well at heat and sweat management.  It is well made and easily washable in the wash machine (I hand dry) and holds up well to wear and tear.  Even better is the fact it looks good as well.

This is my unbiased review.  I was provided with a hat to review by Sweat Vac, but this is my opinion.  The good folks at Sweat vac gave me an extra hat to give to one of my readers, providing you like them on facebook/twitter.  Additionally please follow chattergetsfit on twitter and/or facebook.  Click the link below to enter the contest.  I will run this contest til November 11th,  at that time I will notify the winner.  Trying something a little different, so I set it up where you could enter daily.  Please share this.


  1. Hi, I always wear a hat because I sweat so much. I’ll have to check out this hat at my local running store.

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