The Hardest Thing

Motivational-Quotes-For-Athletes-By-Soccer-AthletesThe Hardest Thing…
I used to think the hardest thing in the world would be to get in shape and to go running, biking, swimming or anything active… I now live for the movement and drive of athletic activity, I embrace it.

I used to believe I was not a runner, I was not athletic enough to call myself an athlete… I now recognize I am an athlete, a runner, a triathlete.

Two fall seasons ago, the hardest thing for me was to determine how to cram all the television shows I wanted to watch into a doable time frame and manage the recording of said shows masterfully on the DVR now that mastery is used to figure out the next seasons running, biking and triathlon race season and related workout schedule.

At one point I used to think the hardest thing involved running anything more than a mile… later I would run my first 5k, 10k, 15k distance races and beyond.  The limits no longer exist, with enough training and time and a plan I can run any distance.

 I used to believe the hardest thing would be participating in a triathlon….  in my first season I completed four sprint triathlons and my bike took me out of my first Olympic distance race.

The hardest thing used to involve seeing myself in the mirror and not liking what I see…  I still grapple with image issues but I accept that I am working to change the way I look and feel with every workout session each day.

I remember the hardest thing used to be completing a workout a day… now I complete two workouts as if its common. I have grown and so has my bodies ability to adapt and recover.

The hardest thing used to be working out and getting to the gym….the hardest thing now is not working out and allowing myself to take it easy.

As a triathlete, at least someone with that mindset, I have to have a set of goals, a rigid schedule.  This is my first off season and for the first time I find myself struggling to let go, loosen up and cut back.  The off season is about recovering and giving your body the necessary time so you can abuse it for another year, another season.  The off season allows a missed workout, a late morning sleep in or just doing nothing.  But mentally I struggle to let go the rigidity I built into my life to get me to the point.  But of all the hardest things, I know I need to let go, January will be time enough for schedules and plans.  I am not saying not workout, not set goals. Instead I am saying plan but allow a looseness to exert its force on the workout plans.  Miss a workout if needed, sleep in … have some fun.  Its time to work to prepare and maintain, but more importantly its time to loosen up, have fun and let go.  There will be time for training and racing soon enough.

Til next time.



  1. Great post – and you’ve earned some time to relax.

    1. I have a sick cat who needs my attention and I was having a hard time justifying missing my pilates class tonight. This put it into perspective for me.

  2. You certainly have earned a bit of rest and recovery after the season you’ve put in. Beware, though that loosening up too much can allow you to more quickly than you realize, slide back into old habits. I speak from experience. My off season has been 3 years long and now its time to get back into a regimen and get moving forward and not back.

    Enjoy your time and by all means relax and recover, just don’t let it take too firm of a hold on you!

    1. I am watching things carefully. I love being active and the way it makes me feel. Thanks for the advice.

  3. The more I read your posts, the more I want to stick the triathlon onto the ‘list of things to complete – in time’
    Enjoy your rest time! 🙂

    1. Something to think about for the future. Learn to set goals and achieve those goals now and it will help later when you do decide to do a triathlon.

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