Blog Award: Round 1

versatileblogger111I honestly love blogging awards as they often present a way to share parts of yourself that you rarely share, especially on fitness and motivation blogs.  While I ocassional drift outside of my motivation, progress, training and race report blogging content, its truly rare.  Of course the community of us triathlon/endurance junkie athletes is a little small and I notice I follow most of the same blogs allot of others I read follow. Sandra over at ‘A Promise to Dad’ recently tagged me with a Versitile blogger  award.  Similar to her, I love these awards, along with the possiblity to share bits of myself and lesser know blogs I read dillegently and follow who could use some exposure.

So first the rules: So here are the rules for accepting this award: 

  • Display the award on your blog (done!)

  • Mention/link the people who nominated you (done!)

  • Nominate another 10 (or so) bloggers who you feel should be given this award (see below)

  • Inform them you have nominated them (will do!)

  • Write 7 facts about yourself (see below)

Pretty simple and number one and two are done.  Next I will outline the 7 facts and then my nominations.

I follow allot of blogs.  This time I wanted to nominate some people I have newly found our who have really made an impact on my training or I just really enjoy.  I would have included Jim from Fit recovery.

  1. Steven Burkard: Great sense of humor and has some pretty good opinions on racing and training for triathlons.
  2. DaveTriing:  Great story and fellow triathlete.  His fitness journey has mirrored mine quite a bit this year.
  3. Sweating For It – Great story and good attitude.
  4. You Signed Up for What
  5. Junk Miles – Great blog and she is getting ready to compete in Iron Man Florida.
  6. AmandasCorner  – Pilates expert and healthy eating guru.  This is one of the few blogs I follow that is not triathlon or running related.  Great daily workoutts for pilates and rolling.
  7. Meltdown to Ironman– Simone is awesome from down under.  She had a major accident and dissapeared for a bit, but now she is back and fighting again.  Great attitude and inspiring story.
  8. GrammaGoesRunning–  Grammadog is awesome and has an amazing story.  In the late 80’s she competed in IronMan Kona Championships.  Now after over 20 years away from running and endurance sports she has returned to sport and activity.  Her and I both completed our seasons together and had a very cool get together we we talked and discussed our sport in length.
  9. Crushing Iron – Mike just finished his first Iron Man and has an amazing story and attitude regarding triathlon sport in general.
  10. LazyTriathlete – Sorta a new blog for me, but I have really enjoyed following his blog and reading about his exploits.

There are numerous blogs that i often mention that I should have put on this list, but I am trying to expand the list a bit instead of the usual suspects.

My list of 7 facts about myself – hopefully I do not repeat myself from previous times.

  1. My favorite television show of all time is Babylon 5.  Even though I love Firefly and numerous other Geek shows I am still a huge B5 fan.
  2. While at University, I was a film critic.  I got to meet/Interview Bill Paxton, Ben Afflek and Dustin Hoffman. I one time I was watching almost 5-6 movies a week while still attending full time classes.  Of course I started out my college career in Physics.
  3. I got the nick name ‘chatter’ becuase I was chattering about bears after seeing one a foot away on my second backpacking trip on the Appilachian Trail. I promise full story later.
  4.  I am currently a software engineer.  A fancy word for Computer programmer.
  5. My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction – I have seen it too many times to continue counting.
  6. I like my coffee dark and bold with two extra shots of esspresso.
  7. I have been told pictures of cats help drive people to a blog, so I have three cats:
Chastity - The glutton.

Chastity – The glutton.



Bella - My newest cat.  Only 12 weeks old, we rescued her from outdoors.  Hard to believe she was Feral a few weeks ago.

Bella – My newest cat. Only 12 weeks old, we rescued her from outdoors. Hard to believe she was Feral a few weeks ago.


Currently my favorite picture of her and my teddy bear Elvis!!

That’s it, award accepted, people nominated and personal items shared. Oh and I put up cat pictures that will drive people to my sight.  Til next time.



  1. Thanks for the nod brother. 😉

  2. Thank you for the award nomination! You just made my WHOLE day!! And I like your 7 facts. More in the future please…

  3. sweatingforit · · Reply

    Aw, thanks so much! Can’t wait to check out all the other blogs!

  4. Thanks A! Your “Roxie” looks like my “Minneapolis Moline” (Minnie for short) I’ve enjoyed following your training this summer…you’ll be blowing right past me next year at Amelia!

  5. Thanks my friend! Have really enjoyed following your blog too!!!

  6. My husband is a software engineer too – I understand zero of that stuff. I should try the coffee with shots of espresso in it, never tried that and it sounds amazing…

    1. It’s my go to Starbucks order,a Venti coffee bold, two shots essprosso, served black. Never have been a cream and sugar in my coffee fan. Yum. You’re hubby chose the right profession.

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  8. Aww man, you have some nice cats. I have a Turkish Van, she’s not social unless there’s cheese, milk and cornedbeef involved. Or she’s tired. Congratulations on the award 🙂 Your blog posts are really interesting, informative and inspiring! 🙂

  9. That is a pretty great list to be part of, even better to be mentioned by. Thanks.

  10. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Wow, thanks so much for the nomination Chatter! I am honoured my friend! 🙂

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