Screaming At the Sea

Grey, overcast, drizzly and very windy... Good time for run.

Grey, overcast, drizzly and very windy… Good time for run. The tide was very high and the waves were massive.

Last Tuesday was my final day on Amelia Island before I had to head back home and to work the following day.  While my race had detoured as far off track as possible (read about it here), the remainder of my trip proved a necessary restful vacation I was desiring at the end of my amazing first season.  When I awoke early on Tuesday morning I looked out at the sliver of ocean I could see from my ocean view hotel room.  I could see the tide was high and the waves were massive; the sky a solid massive bank of cloudy gray and the wind was forcing the tops of the palm trees to dance wildly.  My first thought drifted far away from avoidance, I wanted to come out to play, I desired to run while nature thrashed about.

Me right before I headed out into the grey windy morning.

Me right before I headed out into the grey windy morning.

To be honest, there were no storms with their violent thunder and lightning this day.  Heck it was not even raining, just drizzling.  The immensity of the waves and the intensity of the wind drove my desire to run on the beach.  As I headed out I did not have a desired goal, I just wanted to run.  As  I neared the edge of the dunes and the loose sand I pushed towards the edge of the surf, where the tides have pulled the loose sand away from the beach, providing a firmer, more secure, running surface.  As I ran the wind blew strong propelling me forward and forcing sand to blow about, creating a hazy cloudy effect across the ground in front of me.  The strong wind pushing on my back and hidden sun kept me cool and relaxed as I just ran for running’s sake.  To my left the ocean pushed and pulled, reminding me of the shear force lying under each crashing wave.

I ran for a couple of miles, eventually settling on a pier off in the distance.  After a couple of miles I realized it was time to turn around and head back.  It was time to run back to the hotel, pack the car and head home.  As I turned and began to run, I realized the gusting wind that had previously propelled me forward now pushed against me, as if to bar my passage, blocking my way forward.  I pushed on, my running began to feel similar to running up hill,  It was an odd juxtaposition.  It did not matter as I was happy to be able to run, to push myself forward. I had a tough race on Sunday, but at this moment running forward, taking in the beach and the ocean tossing waves at the shore were the only thing that mattered.  I realized I truly was in my element and that no matter what happened going forward this act of athleticism truly marked my indoctrination and transformation from what I was, a slothful, unhealthy couch potato a little over a year ago.  At that moment I stopped, stared at the sea and I roared at it.  I barked and shouted with happiness and glee.  I did not care if I seemed mad as I had earned the right to holler and roar and scream at the ocean.

It was truly at that moment I realized I had done everything I set out to do this year and more.  I did not get my Olympic finish, but I had propelled myself to a high level of athleticism.  At that moment I faced the realization that I had accomplished so much and I had changed, mostly for the better, to get this this single point.  That joy exuded as I hollered and yelled and roared at the sea.

I finished my run at just a bit over 5 and a half miles, much slower than my usual time.  I did not care about the distance or time, I wanted the experience and the memory of running besides the massive swells and waves of the ocean and the strong gusting wind.  This season of triathlons has truly been special and magical and I have worked hard to achieve my goals and to transform myself physically and mentally. I chose to roar… at life and at the sea.

Til next time.



  1. Well done you. Mad hollering, but well deserved.

    1. Thank you. I managed to post a running post without linking or displaying any stats, how crazy is that?

  2. Sometimes it’s nice to just get out and “do”…no scheduled workout or pace to worry about! I’m looking forward to that unstructured bliss almost as much as I crave the routine that starts up in January again! Great vacation to end your season….
    and now to 2014….

    1. It did feel really good to not have any pre-conceived idea of how fast and how far I wanted to go. You are almost at you final race, then the real adventure starts…. the off season!!! Thank you for the support.

  3. Congrats on a great year. Now the fun stuff – planning for next year.

  4. You have had a great year…I have yelled at the ocean at Amelia Island myself. But for very different reasons….;)

  5. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Well done mate, it must have felt awesome on that run. I remember when I finished my first season, it was only two races, but it felt like an incredible accomplishment from where I’d come. Reveal in your new found fitness and look forward to next season, and maybe a few foot races in between. You’ve earned the right to roar and roar loudly!! RAWR!!!!!!!!

  6. What a great way to end a season! Yay! And this is one of my favorite posts, too. Just you and momma nature, working together (or not 😉

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

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