Its Here… Almost

My biggest goal for the season and the focus of the second half of the season.

My biggest goal for the season and the focus of the second half of the season.

Tomorrow I leave for Amelia Island for a much needed vacation and for my final race of this season.  Today has been a busy day, as I have been working to get everything together and ready for the trip tomorrow.  This week has been difficult as I have drastically cut my workouts down, with the goal to facilitate greater recupperation.  Instead of running or biking I have been engaged in walks and pilates, lots of stretching and exercise to facitlitate moving and healing but not destroying the work previously laid down.

Today, Thursday has been busy. I have packed and repacked my tri bag and equipment numerous times.  I am worried about forgetting something I will need.  My previous races this season have been relatively close to home, this one is over six hours away.  I am sure all will be ready to go and all will be good on Sunday.

One of my bigger goals today has involved cleaning my car.  I do not know why this seems to be a big priority, but I hate travelling when my car is not clean.  I can go for months with the car getting dirtier,needing a good vacume for months, without hesitation.  But as soon as I get ready to go on an extended trip, its time to detail the car.  There is little rhyme or reason behind it, but it must be done.  So tomorrow I will be travelling to Amelia Island Florida for the last race of the season.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, one of the biggest concerns I have with travelling is swelling.  Most long trips I have embarked on has lead to massive ankle and foot swelling that usually takes weeks to go away.  I am hoping compression socks and carefully watching my salt intake will help alleviate this issues, it very uncomfortable to run with swollen ankles and feet.  I hae done some research and this solution seems to be the simplest to resolve this issue.  We will have to see.

The other big concern comes from the Ocean swim start.  I am now fairly strong at swimming, in lakes, streams and pools… not in choppy ocean water with waves.  I have researched open water ocean swimming and noted some differences to alleviate concerns.  The most important take aways I got was to keep moving forward, use breast stroke to pull above waves if sighting is difficult, breath opposite side of waves.  Saturday I will get some time to practice swimming in the surf, I hope it will help to build some confidence and remove allot of unknowns.  Right now this is my only concern in this race.

Only a few more days til my first Olympic/International triathlon and my fifth triathlon of the season.  Hard to believe the time to race is finally here.  I had a crazy September that has helped me to peak at the appropriate point.  Right now I am nervous, anxious and excited, most of all I am ready to race, bursting with energy.  This weekend is going to be busy with a race hosted dinner Saturday night nd of course the race on Saturday.  Soon I will finish my final goal and race for this amazing inagural season. Til next time.

Do you have any suggestions for how to handle swimming in the Ocean?  Do you get your car detailed or cleaned before travelling or am I just crazy?



  1. You’re crazy brother… And just keep swimming. Good luck my friend.

  2. It’s YOU A! lol….I’ll clean mine when I get home….900 miles of dirt and dust! Ocean swim tip….don’t watch the surf before the race….

    1. Todays swim practice went well, watched the surf and understood I should not have after it sunk my stomache. Got over it and back in the water.

  3. I hope you had a great race

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