OMG!!!! Race Week Is Here

My biggest goal for the season and the focus of the second half of the season.

My biggest goal for the season and the focus of the second half of the season.

Finally race week is here and it seems like there is so much to do, yet nothing to do.  Two weeks ago I started a taper plan aimed at priming and preparing me for my first Olympic/International race this weekend.  First week I reduced from 13 hours to about 8 and concluded the week with my final sprint triathlon (catch up here).  Not much of a taper, with a race at the end of the week, but it was the best catered practice I could have had.  This left last week and this week as my major taper weeks.  With a very busy push in September I knew I was going to have to really focus on getting rested up for this race and to repair my tired body from the crazy September I decided to undertake.  Last week I reduced my training down to almost five hours.  I wanted to get closer to six hours of training in but my body put its foot down and so I went easier than planned.

Last week was my first major no racing reduction in volume and my body kicked hard all week.  I felt so sluggish and tired and dead.  Sleeping would not relieve the tiredness, nothing seemed to relieve the tiredness.  September was a hard push and I had spent myself.  Nearing the end of the week I felt fresher, though I still struggled with sleepiness and tiredness.  I had spent allot of time focusing on stretching, spinning and swimming, trying to stick to good high intensity workouts that would still allow a good recovery.

Saturday ended up being a catch up day, a day to finish all the things that had been put off due to rain and training but needed doing.  While I wanted to be lazy and care free, I had to cross train by pushing the lawn mower around for a few hours.  I still felt a little sluggish, but a little less than previously.  By this point I had started getting really large outlandish mood fluctuations.

My numbers for September.  Ramped up and now tapering down to race day!

My numbers for September. Ramped up and now tapering down to race day!

After my last triathlon I had taken my bike into the shop for a clean and lube.  I had ridden it quite a bit putting over 800 miles on it so far.  I wanted it running as smooth as possible for race day on Amelia Island.  Sunday  planned to pick up my bike and to go for a quick twenty mile bike ride.  I wanted to make sure everything felt good and no additional adjustments were needed.  The bike felt like brand new, my legs did not.  Oddly, days before I was thinking about how much better I was feeling except for the fatigue.  I felt like I could run long distances and bike for hours.  I was totally wrong, I still needed more rest to feel anywhere near normal.  My ride ended up being an uneven series of bursts of energy and very quickly tired muscles that did not want to push harder than they had to.  I felt like the last years progress disappeared.

Of course I am sure I just need more rest and recuperation, as I said earlier September was crazy hard training wise and racing wise.  I really pushed myself.  While I know most popular literature regarding race tapering recommend high intensity workouts with short volume the week before a race, I am going to aim for more stretching and less stressful workouts as I think my body needs a bit more time to heal up and recuperate to be ready race day.

Race Week Training Plan:

  • Monday: Nothing but stretching.
  • Tuesday: Pilates
  • Wednesday: BDJ Recovery Spin
  • Thursday: 30 minutes of swimming and stretching
  • Friday: Travel Day.
  • Saturday: Follow Kona while checking in my bike, picking up my packet and  walk through the expo.  Try to get a swim in the ocean, maybe a quick mile of running and maybe a quick couple of miles riding.  Swimming is definite as its my pre-race tradition, I will play the other two by ear.  Want to loosen up but not over do it.  Finish Saturday off with a Spaghetti dinner event hosted by the race organizers.
  • Sunday: Race!

images (1)Hope this is not too light of a week.  It will be the first race I am doing where I will be driving a bit to get to, so there will be some nervousness there.  After the race the wife and I are going to Capital Grille to celebrate.  I recently won a gift card from my employment to this restaurant and while they are fine dining, they have multiple locations, including a place near where my race is located. At this point I am very eager, excited and whatever else to race and participate in this event.  I am a little nervous as the longest I have raced was two and a half hours in a sprint with an 18 mile bike.  I am figuring somewhere between three and a half to four hours based on my current time and abilities.  This is what the second half of my season has built up to and I am so ready. Til next time.

Any suggestions for what I should do to prepare this week?  




  1. You are going to kill it on Race day! I can’t wait to hear (read) all about it next week! Stick to the plan and you’ll be fine!


  2. Hi, I have no suggestions, but GOOD LUCK! Enjoy the race. Looking forward to reading your race report. 🙂

  3. The hay is in the barn….do enough to stay peppy, but do no damage! Enjoy the race!! Good Luck!

  4. Hi, Your training looks solid to me but I just run marathons. You are in the “Don’t do anything Stupid” phase of your training. So don’t do any stenuous workouts. You don’t want to pull anything or make a muscle so fatigued it will take days to recover. Avoid running in the dark when you can’t see pot holes and stuff. You don’t have time to recover from any injury at this point.
    Drinks lots of water, get any extra sleep you can and eat well.
    I’m in week 2 of my three week taper. I ran a half marathon on Sunday, 3 miles last night and I’m not going to do anything else untill Friday. My legs are telling me to back off.
    I have found that weight lifting seems to ease my taper blues and it lets me rest my legs.

  5. I am realizing I hate the taper, but right now i am doing just as you said, not doing anything stupid. “Don’t do anything Stupid” phase is very apt naming. For me this is super difficult as i want a long ride or run right now, but instead I end up sitting on the couch or just stretching. Walks have helped, but I am very paranoid about taking myself out before the race starts.
    I do not do weight lifting during tapers, but Pilates is my fall back as its great stretching and helps to reinforce the abs and back.
    Thanks for the suggestions, good to hear a voice of reason when I am fighting myself over the desire to do more, yet I know better. Good luck on your up coming race (marathon?)

  6. I think everyone hates tapering – you’re not alone in fighting the urge to train when you shouldn’t. Keep at it. You’re going to kill it on race day. Make sure you put it in your plans to enjoy the race, the moment, the weekend. Race hard my friend, I’ll be cheering for you!

  7. So excited….we need to make arrangements to meet on the island, A!

    1. Definately, leaving tomorrow, cant wait.

      1. You have my email addie? I am at Amelia South condos….

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  10. […] OMG!!!! Race Week Is Here ( […]

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