My Busy/Not Busy Weekend

Love this picture... how far I have come!

Love this picture… how far I have come!

The second taper week, out of three, marches on…. slowly….very slowly.  Not sure if last week really was a taper week or what, but it did incur a drastic hour reduction so I am counting it in that direction for now.  Of course it ended with my last sprint distance triathlon of the season, my fourth.  Looking forward to this weekend it actually feels weird and refreshing not to have a race this weekend.  September involved a race or event every weekend and long training days.  This week provided the first pull back from that chaos.  Of course while there is no training for this weekend it does not mean I get to lie around the house and do nothing.

The week so far has been allot of little workouts, spin for a bit one day, maybe swim a bit another day.  Very low effort and low volume.  I have read that most trainers recommend low volume with high intensity, but with the way I have been feeling because of the hard past month I am sticking to a medium to light effort week.  I am sure it will have huge payouts as I will be fresher come race day.

Of course this reduction has lead to amazing lethargy.  I just cannot get enough sleep lately, I have felt tired and sluggish all the time all week.  Last night I went to bed at 8 to get over nine hours of sleep and yet I am  still groggy.  Of course mixed in with the groggy are short burst of hyper activity.  Quick periods where suddenly I feel like a burst of energy takes over and everything is going a mile a minute.  Then it dies and I am back to tiredness.  Hope this goes away by race day.

Cool thing was today I went to do a time trial in the pool, wanted to get a sense of where I was swimming wise as the last couple of swims my lungs have felt congested and I could not calm down enough.  Well, today was a good day and all felt good.  On top of that I managed a 33 minute mile, down from 35/36 minutes previously.  Oddly I felt like I could have gone on past that mark, but I had to get back to work and long distance extensions are not in the plan.

Nothing like a little chain grease on the calf at the end of the day.

At my last triathlon a woman ran up to me and told me she had been staring at my legs and calves for a bit and she wanted to let me know I had some amazing calves!

My weekend will involve finishing all those tasks I delayed because of my final training push in September.  First I will get the oil changed in the car and then clean the car out thoroughly.  This is mostly so we can dirty it up when travelling to Amelia Island in a week.  Then I have to get my bike from the shop where they did a clean and lube.  Finally I get to spend hours mowing the lawn as it has become junglefied, someone forgot to inform it that it needed to not grow while I was busy training.  Then on Sunday I am taking the bike out for a quick 20 mile ride on a flatish road to make sure everything is good to go.  I will have to be careful to not push too much as I do not want to hinder the taper with a long ride.  I will play it by ear.  Lastly I have to figure how to get the bike rack on the car.  As my bike currently fits in the back I rarely have monkeyed with getting this attached, but when we go to Amelia my wife has declared that she does not want it riding in the car, getting chain grease on our bags.

Only a weekend and a week til I will be ready for the final race of the season.  Hard to believe how far things have come for me this last year and how much I have grown as an athlete and an individual this last year. Hopefully I will not be so tired next week.  Til next time.




  1. awesome work!! you should be very proud of your progress!! proud to watch it unfold!!

    1. Thank you. I have enjoyed sharing my adventures and reading yours as this season has progressed, it truly has been an amazing year.

  2. wow – what a transformation. Good luck with your race

    1. Thanks, so looking forward to this race.

  3. A…you have accomplished sooo much! You should be very proud of yourself! Good work!

    1. Thank you. I feel bad I keep posting these picts, but the end of this season has me so nostalgic.

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