Maybe I Will Just Sleep Away The Rest of The Year

imagesIts Wednesday morning and I sit here now staring at my work computer feeling lethargic and tired, mind is numb and requires work to focus.     The bliss from my final sprint distance triathlon, my 4th of the season, provided a short burst of excitement and energy, but now I feel zapped, tired and like I could go back to bed and sleep for a year.  But i have been getting sleep and rest.  But  I should be excited, I am only a week and a half out from my big ‘A’ race of the season, my first Olympic distance race.  So what exactly is wrong?

My initial plan was to  do a two week taper starting this Monday.  But last week required a drastic reduction in volume as I had pushed hard and my body finally objected.  I backed down a bit and had a very sluggish feeling race this weekend, yet I felt better than I did on the previous Monday.  I knew I just had to get to this week so I could embrace lower volume and increased intensity.  Since I pushed so hard to get through the race on Sunday I planned for Monday and Tuesday to be easy days.  Monday was a day off and Tuesday was supposed to be really low rpm spin and a pilates class in the evening.  Everything went according to plan except the Pilates class was cancelled.  I used the extra time to stretch, sit in the Sauna and relax.  But once again today I feel wrecked, exhausted and tired.

The hard thing is I know I need to pick up some intensity on my thirty minute spin session tomorrow and I have a whole body low impact Aquafit class tonight.  It feels odd being this tired and doing way less than I usually do on a daily basis.  I am unsure if my body is fighting back, hitting me hard for the season’s abuse.  All I know is that I set up a plan and I need to follow it through…. I really should not feel this tired while doing so little.  I guess this is just the effects of tapering.  I had some of this for my first race back in April but I did not push as hard as I did the rest of the season and the way I did in September.  September was the craziest training month for me with races and events every weekend and increasing my training hours to new heights (13 hours in a week  to me is allot).

Guess I just got to trust the plan.  Get some rest and relax.  Boy, I hate tapering.

Til next time.



  1. Sometimes you’ve got to follow the plan, sometimes you have to listen to your body. Only you know which is which, but don’t push just for the sake of it.

    1. Yup, but this drug called endurance sport has a tendency to destroy common sense.

      1. That’s even more reason to be careful.

        1. Could not agree more. My goal right now is to get to my big for me race without injury as ‘on top of my game’ as possible.

  2. This is going to be some very bad “advice” for most people, but…

    I HATE taking more than one day off in a row. I have a hard time getting my legs back though – that first hard effort is always a drag after a couple (or worse yet, a few) days off. To beat this I’ve learned to use active recovery to do something but to rest up at the same time. Nothing loosens up my legs like a good easy ride. Good luck man, chin up.

    1. I totally agree with you, this is why I have added spinning at low RPMs. Its very similar in feeling to the recovery rides you describe. Its really a matter of try and see what works. Of course some of us endurance idiots cannot help but feel we have to be doing something with our time that is active! I just try to find low impact activities to fill in the gap when needing some recovery. Of course there have been a few times that I really just needed a day off.

      1. Try slow speed high rpm – I shoot for 100-120 but that might be a touch much to start with… Main point is, use a super easy gear. This will also help you get your speed up on your normal efforts (it did with me). Keep it up brother, I promise: This too shall pass.

        1. Not sure if I got it right but what I tried today felt good. I hopped on a spin bike and instead of ratcheting the tension up to my normal 8-10 I left it at a low 3. From there 1 spent an hour between 100-110 rpms. Not too easy, not too hard. After 40 minutes required more work to stay at that range, but was good.

          1. That sounds about right. Nice work and I hope it works for you. 😉

  3. O, man, I’m having the same problem this week! It’s been a long season….

    1. I could not agree more, nine months of racing and training and it all comes down to this last race to finish the season. Great season, but ready for some time off, like a week maybe?

      1. A week? I was thinking more like a WINTER! Course, I still have the half marathon in November, so guess I won’t be resting on my laurels quite yet….

        1. Not sure how long yet. Right now just trying to survive this crazy taper sluggishness. I am looking at a half marathon at the end of November too.

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  6. right there with you. 11 days to my next marathon.

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