Week 4 Completed 2 To Go: Not Much Longer

WeeklyNumbersToday closes the book on September, a tough and challenging month for me.  This month I completed a race or major event every weekend and I worked to prepare for the Amelia Man Olympic triathlon, now only two weeks away.  I wanted a challenging  and rewarding last training month heading to this last race and boy have I pushed myself and grown.  This last week  marked the finish of my sprint distance triathlon racing season and the completion of participating in races and events for the next two weeks.

This last week the focus was supposed to reduce my overall hours a little further from the previous weeks 13 hours.  But my body was exhausted by Monday and I had to reduce the total hours allot more than initially planned.  I still pushed a little bit, but backed off the rest of the week to be able to somewhat perform in my last sprint triathlon.  The focus of my workouts has been aimed at very low impact with a greater concentration on stretching and strengthening and less on long runs and bikes.  The only bike and run I had for this week actually came from my triathlon.  I think for me this backing off for this week will greatly help recovery and get me better ready for the final triathlon in two weeks.


  • Wanted 8-10 hours this week, but the body dictated less.  I ended the week with 7 hours of training including my triathlon.
  • Heavier focus on stretching and strengthening with less on bike and run.
  • Finished my 4th event in 4 weeks!
  • Finished my final Sprint Triathlon of my Inaugural season and broke the 2 hour mark with a time of 1:58:47.
  • Completed a Pilates class and focused on tightening my core.

I realized early in this week and again during the bike and run legs of this last triathlon that I am probably less than 50% recovered right now.  The leg muscles were terribly hard to move and I really had to exert myself to get the numbers I got.  I felt I could have done better if I was better rested.  But that race was a practice run.  Now I need to focus on major recovery with a strong shift to more stretching and foam rolling with some combined Pilates.

Week 5 Schedule:

  • Monday(0): Nothing but recovery.  The race and extended training has slowed down recovery, requiring longer time to recover from the weekends race.  Take it easy and apply ice to the sore spots.
  • Tuesday:(2) Lunch time low effort spin- Goal here is to contain RPMs on the spin bike and just move the legs to keep them loose.  Should barely spike the heart rate.  Evening Pilates.
  • Wednesday(1:30:00): Lunch – Stretch and soak.  Evening: Aquafit.  No swimming afterwards as usual custom.
  • Thursday(30:00) Lunch – Swimming drills work.
  • Friday(1): Lunch spin low effort similar to Tuesday.
  • Saturday/Sunday(2):  22 Mile bike ride on flatter Silver Comet Trail.
  • Total: 7 Hours mostly easy going.

The primary focus going forward needs to really accept tapering and I need to aim for similar numbers compared to last week, with next weeks following numbers dropping to about three hours.  The weekend will begin a ramp up to race specific style workouts which I will stretch with the bike this week and the run and swim next week.  After my last triathlon I took the bike to the shop to get a cleaning and tune up for this final race.  Saturday will find out if everything is good to go and make sure my bike is ready for the last event.

For me this is where self coaching can get difficult, walking the line of too much and too little is tricky and with only yourself as a guide its even trickier.  Just have to accept that I am ready for the race and that now I need to heal up my battered muscles.  A month of racing and pushing my limits has taken a toll.  But two weeks of hard ‘do nothing’  sessions should get me ready for race day in two weeks!  Til next time.




  1. Are you involved with a local tri club? I have found it helpful to bounce ideas off of others. May help a bit – many are self coached and share experiences without the cost of a coach.

    1. Not directly, even though next year I will be. I guess I was getting more to the point regarding having someone else around to make the hard training decisions. I am pretty confident with my plan, just wish I could off shoot the blame a little. Good suggestion though.

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  3. […] Week 4 Completed 2 To Go: Not Much Longer (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] Week 4 Completed 2 To Go: Not Much Longer (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

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