Final Sprint Triathlon Of The Season This Weekend

Lake-Lanier-Islands-Tri-logThis weekend marks the final sprint triathlon of my first season of triathlons and overflows into the final two weeks of my first season til the Olympic distance Amelia Man Triathlon.  As I have mentioned in an earlier post (here) I have achieved and excelled at everything I wanted to do.  I know I have changed in the way I look at challenges and even in the way I handle and overcome adversity, I am a much better person, physically and mentally.  For this weekends race I have a few goals and objectives in mind, things I want to achieve.

This sprint, the Lake Lanier sprint triathlon is a pretty standard distance race: 400 yard swim, 13 mile bike and a 5k run.  Looking at my race numbers I have to discount the second race from comparisons as it had a very long bike leg at 18 miles.  The other two races had similar bike, run and swim distances so should provide good comparisons.  My last race in August shows drastic improvement from my first race in all disciplines.  I have gotten faster in the swim, bike and run times.  Looking at these numbers though show that I have been on the verge in the first and third races of breaking the two hour mark.  More importantly, I figure if I have a good race I could actually break the two hour mark for the first time. Right now I am setting this as a personal goal that should be attainable providing all factors line appropriately.  To get that time I will have to push the bike and run a bit and my transitions will need to be smooth.  I know one area I usually suffer most is transition one when putting on my bike shoes.  The tongue likes to pose problems, so I am thinking I might have try and tape the tongue in place so I can get my shoes on without having to fight it.

CaptureI really want a sub two hour time, but I will not be dejected if it does not occur, as long as I try and I put on a good race effort.  Most of this race is a shake down for my Amelia Man Olympic and its just for fun.  But a sub two hour time would be a really sweet way to finish off this magic first season of  triathlons.  The real question ends up being: How much can I push to get my goal time without messing up my last race of the season?  We will have to see. Til next time.

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  1. Good luck and race hard. You’ll have plenty of time to recover for the Olympic so why not just let it all go and see what happens. Here’s to hoping for a sub 2 hour race with you!

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