Injinji Run 2.0 Sock Review and Giveaway

These socks are like gloves for the feet.

These socks are like gloves for the feet.

This review was unsolicited.  I purchased my initial product and I am not paid to endorse the reviewed product.  Read through to the  end of the review to find out how to enter to win one of three pairs of these socks.

A couple of weeks ago I accidentally ran 9.3 miles instead of my planned 7.5 miles.  On this run I learned very quickly that sweat caused rashes and issues in numerous places, pretty much everywhere.  The biggest issue I found though, making running difficult, was the expansion of my feet in the toe box.  As I ran past the 10k distance, the roomy toe box of my favorite running shoes became increasingly restrictive.  My toes were sweaty and combined with the expansion in the shoe’s toe box, my toes began to rub together forming some pretty nasty blisters.  Shortly after that run I posted my results and plight.  I was given a suggestion by a fellow blogger IowaTriBob, who’s running associates had recommended trying toed performance socks by Injinji.  I was desperate and intrigued as the only other option seemed to result in applying lube between my toes, so I blindly ordered four pairs of the no-show runner 2.0 ultra thin socks in blue and white (not sure why I chose white as blue is more of my color).  I knew I would have two really good opportunities to try these out, first in a 5k running race and a week later in a 15k (9.3 miles) running race.

I initially chose this weight as they were similar to my current favorite socks the Feeture Elite performance socks.  The idea behind the socks is pretty simple, they are made out of sweat managed or dri wicking  material, has built in arch support and each toe has its own seamless sleeve.  The concept is that the sweat is wicked and removed from your toes and feet keeping them dry.  Additionally the individual toe sleeves reduces friction.  That was the advertised benefits and that was what I was eager to try out.  Could these toed wonders relieve my long distance running blister woes?

I initially put a pair on to wear on a small 3 mile run, just to get a feel for them.  I was worried that I would not like the feeling of cloth between my toes.  Within minutes I almost did not recognize the toe separation, instead the socks fit snug and comfortable and my feet stayed dry.  Next it was time to try them out in a 5k race.  While I do not blister on these shorter runs, I am particular about what goes on my feet during a running race.  These socks had a great fit and were snug to my feet like a glove.  These socks remained consistently comfortable for the entire run.  Usually at the end of a race I like to remove my shoes and socks to let my feet breath.  With these socks, they were so comfortable I just put my sandals on over them.

New shoes and socks.

New shoes and socks.

The next real challenge and the reason I purchased these socks in the first place was to run a longer distance race, in this case a 15k (race details here).  As mentioned previously, I had suffered great discomfort in my previous run of this distance in the form of toe blisters.  These socks were supposed to reduce and possibly eliminate the blister issue.  I was curious how comfortable they would remain for this distance and if they would help to prevent blisters.  Once again the socks felt very comfortable on my feet, even with increased sweat and swelling from the longer miles.  I actually think these socks did better at keeping my feet dry than other high cost running sock options I have used before.   After 9.3 miles I had no blistering on my toes and my feet were still dry and comfortable.  Once again I found myself walking around with the socks on after the race with a pair of sandals as they were just so comfortable, even after 9.3 miles.

So I would say these socks for me are definitely a win.  I am now so in love with the comfort of these socks I find myself wearing them for everything.   While I got the light weight minimal sock, I have yet to test other weights, yet that is in the works.  Also, soon I will be heading to my final triathlon in Jacksonville and I will have a true test of the pair of compression socks I purchased, as I usually retain water badly on long car drives.  The person I spoke to at Injinji said they usually recommend the normal weight sock as this is the most versatile and traditional weight sock, and it is their original product.  I highly recommend giving a pair of these a try for long distance running or for any athletic activity.  I have recently seen them sold at REI and they can be purchased from their site:

I loved these socks so much I wanted to give my readers a chance to win a pair, so I contacted Injinji and they have agreed to let me give away three pairs to three lucky winners.  Go like them on Facebook then come back here and leave a comment.  I will pick three winners randomly from the comments, one entry per person please.  I will close contest on Sunday September 29th  at Midnight and will announce the winners on Monday.  US entrants only please.  Even if you don’t win, I cannot say enough about these socks, try them.



  1. Nice! I have a a longer pair for cycling but would love to try the shorter version for running.

  2. I wear their compression toe socks. Had them on all day yesterday!

  3. My daughter LOVES these but I haven’t tried them. My feet are taking a real beating these days so I’m willing to try something new. Hook me up!

  4. Anything to make running tolerable, lol!

  5. I LOVE injinji socks – for work and cycling especially! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!
    jitterbug1 (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. I like injinji socks on facebook. I have not tried them before but think that they might be good for myself or my husband with all of the running that we do.

  7. FB fan / like Injinji. My FB profile:

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  9. So glad these worked out for you and I’ll definitely pass it on to the group here. Funny though, I’ve yet to get my lazy butt to order a pair to try – and every longer run I cuss myself out profusely for not doing it – LOL…

  10. good info for this novice

  11. I have been thinking about buying a pair of these for quite some time. Now maybe I won’t have to.

  12. I’ve had issues with blisters during long runs, especially in the summer due to the excess moisture. Bodyglide is a product I’ve used with great success, you can use it on feet or anywhere else that friction is an issue. Great review, I’d love to give these a try…Thanks!
    jlammers002 at woh dot rr dot com.

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  14. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Might have to give these a try, I have problems with blisters over 10ks also!

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