Week Three Completed Three More To Go

Wet, very wet.  Still in good spirits though.

Wet, very wet. Still in good spirits though.

In my earlier post from this week outlining my goals for the week (here) I outlined and set my goals for this week.  My primary focus got changed from the run to the bike this week.  This planned shift follows my gradual tapering of activity in order of time needed to recover.  As I have mentioned, my research indicates that running is the hardest of the three triathlon disciplines on the body and takes additional recovery time.  I figured  running the 15k distance last week (recap here) would mark the end to the heavy run workout weeks and give an extra week for those muscles to start the repair process.  Thus the goal for this week was to do the same for biking, participating in a big, high mileage event before backing off the bike for an extra week before entering my two weeks of tapering.   I managed to finish that event ride in down pouring rain (here) and pulled off a 18 mile recovery ride the day after, 

This week, as planned, was very non-running centered.  I had very few miles on the run and I am happy with that.  As I mentioned that was by design.  i have tried to focus instead on an increase attention to stretching, foam rolling and even some Pilates to strengthen and tighten the back.  After getting three good solid weeks of training in my body is tired.  Just one more to go and then onto the taper and blissful effort reduction.  

summainWeek 3 Highlights:

  • 48 Mile event ride in a downpour.  Can’t get a break this year with bike events as this is the second I have ridden with bad weather. Followed this up with an 18 mile recovery bike ride the day after.
  • I wanted two bricks but instead managed a single strong distance brick with 11 miles of biking and 5 miles of running.
  • Spent more time in the pool working on mechanics and stroke counts.  Still got 2 miles of ladders completed as well.
  • Close to record high bike mileage for the week at 74 miles.
  • Continued focus on rehabing sore spots in lower back, hips and glutes.  I think my drive for increased miles has left some residual hot spots that need a good dose of ice, stretching and foam rolling to alleviate.  After a week things are feeling better.
  • Achieved one of my highest volume efforts to date with 13 hours of total effort for the week.

Overall a good solid effort with some really good numbers.  Funny thing is I really want to run, but I know I have to trust my instincts and trust the plan I laid out for myself.  I have to remind myself to listen to coach Chatter and not override the decisions I made when I set up the current training plan.  The next week’s primary focus is on the shakedown triathlon at the end of the week and my 4th and final race/event for the month of September, before getting two normal taper weeks leading into my Olympic distance triathlon.  

Week 4 Goals: Triathlon Week

  • Stay focused on high intensity workouts without any long bike or run workouts.
  • Focus on reducing volume this week down to 8-10 hours of training total.  These should be brick workouts and high intensity efforts.
  • Continue lunch time spin and swim drill sessions.
  • Continue working on stretching and rolling trouble spots and reducing hot spot tension.
  • I do not know if it is possible, but I really want a sub 2 hour triathlon time for the year.  This course supposedly might make that difficult for me, but I am going to do my best to push it and try to make it happen.
  • Gong to have to be careful with my training this week as its the 4th week in a hard cycle, this week is the easiest time to injure myself as I am pushing some heavy hours going into this week (high volume for me anyways).

Tentative Schedule:Plan of Attack

  • Monday (1:30:00): 30 Minute speed swimming session and evening brick, probably speed brick doing 400 or 800 repeats.
  • Tuesday (1:30:00): 30 minute spin session doing pyramids, evening pilates session.
  • Wednesday (3:30:00) : Lunch time stretch and roll session, evening AquaFit and 2 miles of swimming.
  • Thursday(0:30:00): 30 minute spin session.
  • Friday(0:30:0):  Swim distance or Roll and stretch during lunch,
  • Saturday (?): Maybe nothing, probably an hour of swimming.
  • Sunday(2):  Last sprint triathlon of the season.
  • Total: ~9 Hours total
My biggest goal for the season and the focus of the second half of the season.

My biggest goal for the season and the focus of the second half of the season.

Pretty aggressive plan but the bulk idea is to reduce the overall stress by Thursday.  The Thursday spin session will probably be slow and steady heart rate spin to loosen up the legs a bit more.  From that point on my legs get to rest til Sunday.  I will probably not be my freshest as I have allot of volume built up that will need a longer taper to be fresh, but that is reserved for my final race of the season.  At the conclusion of this triathlon I then get to reduce my hours even more and I begin to taper for two weeks.  This is the most aggressive scheme I have tried but i have been building up to it all season and I have to trust that the plan I developed will lead me to having a great race on Amelia Island.  I am tired at this point, but only one more week til I reduce my hours drastically.  Just one more week til I can really heal and rest up to be great in the middle of October.  Bring on the challenges of this week, its time to get to work. Til next time.


  1. Phew! Great plan, yes, and listen to your body (speaks the kettle to the pot). Sigh. You cannot afford an injury right now.
    I wish we had more events in our area! Seems like you have a lot to do!

    1. Allready messed up the schedule, missed tonights workout. My body was telling me to sleep and it was not whining, but seriously needed some rest. I have been pushing things pretty hard the last couple of weeks with a 7 hour week followed by an eleven followed by a thirteen. That is some serious volume work. Cool thing is this level of tired used to hit me on week two of my workout schedule.

      1. Wow. Yes. Rest!!!

  2. kruzmeister · · Reply

    Your dedication is admirable Chatter!

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