HELP!!! Triathlon Is Invading My Sleep!

11954225271522744573liftarn_A_person_sleeping.svg.medBack in March, leading into April, as I was preparing for my first triathlon, my dreams were dominated by my first triathlon.  Often I would have dreams of finishing the race and feeling the rush of satisfaction at knowing I had finished my first triathlon.  Other times I dreamt of triathlon’s other parts, swimming, biking and running.  My dreams were active dreams recalling how different aspects would feel on race day.  Up til my first triathlon I had these dreams every night.  After my first triathlon these dreams stopped, at least I no longer remembered them.  I continued to train and plan for my next race, but the dreams of finishing and participating in a triathlon were gone…. until now.

Recently the triathlon dreams have returned to haunt my hours of slumber.  What I can recall are numerous dreams of all aspects of the coming International distance race.  I remember the dreams of swimming in the ocean and overcoming ocean swell and the salty taste of  the water.  I have dreamt  of being on my bike and the feeling of gusting head winds, rolling off the ocean, pushing against me as I ride.  I also have dreamt of the feeling of riding 24 miles in the humid, sticky heat of the Ocean/beach air.  I can hear the gulls and the swell of the waves and feel Florida.  I have dreamt of running off the bike and the pull of the finish line as I overcome the deadness of bike legs and transition to running a 10k distance.  Lastly I often dream of finishing the race and how great it would feel to have achieved my final goal for this season. These dreams are so lucid I can feel Florida.

Additionally I often dream of sitting on the beach, reflecting on the season, knowing for now I am done.  These dreams often include my wife and we are just enjoying a day of no training, no thinking of races past or future.  Other dreams I am sitting on the beach looking over races for the next year and dreaming of things to come.

Obviously my heavy shift in my training focus effects my dreams.  Besides work, I am laser focused on completing this final push to my last race and obviously it is effected my slumber world as well as my waking world.  The dreams of completion and sitting on the beach I think stem from my subconscious desire for a rest, this season has been long.  I have had one heck of a season so far and for now I guess I will just have to live,breath and sleep this final upcoming race and the end of this awesome season. Til next time.




  1. Make sure one of your AmeliaMan dreams includes you, your wife, and I enjoying the bottle of Asti Spumanti I’m bringing for the celebration! lol

    1. I am holding you to that, its a deal!!!

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  4. I assume it’s already fully invaded your waking hours 🙂

    1. Makes work difficult.

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  10. kruzmeister · · Reply

    LOL, the dream that haunts me is that I cross the finish line of Ironman and get DQ’d cause I had an extra lap of the run course to do!

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