By Headlight and Headlamp Brick

The end of the day and still so much left to do!

The end of the day and still so much left to do!

Only one day since my first 15k running race had passed and I knew it was time to get back to work.  I had scheduled Tuesday as a bike/run brick even though I new it would be a slight bit difficult just completing the race on Sunday.  Part of the reason I train is to make my body more efficient at recovery and to realize where my limits really exist.  Doing a brick so soon with only a day of recovery was one of those instances where I knew my body could handle the workout, albeit a bit slower than usual.

Since I started my new job and I moved outside of metro Atlanta, i have had to adapt my schedule to work around the extended commute.  Instead of workouts in the morning, I focus on lunchtime and evening workouts.  The idea is to try and leave work before thick traffic builds.  I knew doing a brick on a work day would probably require some portion of the activity to be concluded in the dark.  Tuesday was no different, except I got home, dressed and ready for running and biking with barely half an hour of sunlight remaining.  I knew I was limited on workout days as I needed to let up bit towards the weekend so I had at least a day of rest going into my 48 mile ride in the Cartersville Beautiful back Roads Century.  All of my scheduling for September requires tight schedule adherence as I have races every weekend in some variety or form and I want to get the workouts in according to my final month plan.  I made sure to wear high viz colors and I grabbed my bike headlight and tail light as well as my headlamp for running.  I got out the door and eventually got on my way.


The bike leg of my brick.

The bike leg of my brick.

The plan was a bike ride roughly half the length of my final triathlon, around 11 miles followed by 4-5 miles of running.  I wanted to do more than a 5k just to get the feeling of running longer off the bike.  The bike leg started off well and I pedaled smooth steady strokes.  The legs felt a little heavy but with a bit of riding the stiffness and soreness dissipated.  While I wanted to push the climbs and straights, I just kept a steady pace, trying to save my legs for the run, but not go too easy.  While the sun was setting when I started the bike, it quickly grew dark and I found myself riding by bike light.  After 55 minutes I completed 11 miles and was ready for the bike leg.  This time might have been a bit lower, I had some technical issues I was resolving, I was still happy with the overall effort.


The running leg of my brick.  5 miles.

The running leg of my brick. 5 miles.

As I got off the bike and transitioned to run gear, my legs were not happy with the change.  After my 15k on Sunday my hips had some sore spots and occasionally hurt while walking.  As soon as I started the hip pain flared up when I walked.  Oddly, when I ran it went away.  I pushed through it and got busy with my 1:1 walk/run ratio.  The first couple of miles were slow and sluggish, but shortly after I hit my stride things went better.  The hip pain  when walking remained, but I felt ok to continue.  Since it was pitch black and I live in the middle of nowhere where I live and train I ran by a headlight.  A few times I had to jump off the shoulder of the road as the driver ignored my presence and came barreling at me.

After five miles and a little over an hour I was finally complete.  Overall this brick provided a good base for adapting for the feel of longer miles after the bike and I feel I got a good compacted workout in so I can have some rest on Thursday and Friday before my Saturday ride.

I need to ice, foam roll and stretch frequently to remove the hip issues and keep them from worsening.  This is probably my last running  session for the week, unless I add some on Sunday.  Regardless, time enough to heal up the hip a bit and get things in order.  A good brick session with good results and I even had to push through a bit of pain to complete it.

After finishing an amazing training weekend, starting with a mile swim and 30 mile bike on Saturday followed by a 15k or 9.3 mile running race on Sunday, and finishing a tough brick a day later, I truly am feeling like a bad ass!  Til next time.



  1. Thee is a good reason you feel like you are a badass – its because you ARE! Well done! Great training and you are going to do well in your final Tri of the year! Keep up the good work as it seems you have a good plan.


    1. Thank you,I am having a blast with this lady month of training. It has been a learning experience being self trained.

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