Marching To Amelia 4 Weeks and Counting

imagesOnly four weeks remaining til my ‘A’ race for the season and things are rolling along.  Last week I completed my second run race for this month, this one being the longest race I had participated in, a 15k or 9.3 mile running race.  Additionally I have been focusing on an increased volume heavy in pushing my endurance and/or focusing on technique.  The end goal is to have the best race possible and end the season with a big awesome race effort.

While last week the big focus was the run, this week’s focus centers on the bike, concluding with a 40+ mile bike event at the end of this week.  This is the first week I have planned a slight gradual decrease in workout volume, especially since I have concluded my long runs til after the event.

4 Weeks and Counting Goals – Pedal Like Mad STyle!

  • Get two bricks in this week, one with a medium bike and medium run and the other done in the style of 400 or 200 meter repeats.
  • Continue my lunchtime half hour sessions.  The focus here is primarily on technique and HIT intervals.  Alternate between the bike and swimming.
  • Get a pilates session in at least once.
  • Have fun and focus on enjoying my bike event.

Weekly Planned Schedule (Goal 9-10 hours)

  • Monday – Swim speed tempo workout(.5)
  • Tuesday – Spin pyramids (.5) / Evening: 11 Mile bike and 5 Mile run brick(2)
  • Wednesday – Spin-spin ups or single leg drills(.5) / Evening: Aqua boot camp and 2 miles of ladders (2)
  • Thursdaqy – Swim distance work(.5)
  • Friday – Stretch and soak and recover (.5) / Pilates (1)
  • Saturday – 44 Mile bike event (4)
  • Sunday – Speed cycle brick in the form of 400 meter repeats or a medium cycle ride (1)

Adding up the hours they come to 12.5, which is way above the goal hours.  Allot of the times are estimated and will shave off time to shore up the total number of hours closer to my goal.  I know several of these activities will shave a few minutes off here and there.

Tempted to pick one of these up, really cool cycling jersey from the event.

Tempted to pick one of these up, really cool cycling jersey from the event.

Another pretty busy week and weekend finishing in a major event.  Stacking the schedule up like this in September is challenging but sorta fun to complete something big every week leading up to my final race.  I am having fun with it so far.  Even though I have not completed this season yet, I am already getting emotional now that I can see my final race for the season on the horizon.  This month is also very emotional as each weekend marks a  new milestone: two weekends ago my 4th out of 6 races needed to complete the Kennesaw Grand Prix (Only need 4 to qualify for finalist recognition), This last weekend completed my first 15k or 9.3 mile race, next weekend I complete my longest bike ride and then I finally complete my fourth spring triathlon for the season and finally I complete my first Olympic/International distance triathlon.  Very dramatic and very emotionally tolling all the way to the end.

This is now the third week of focused training with a fourth still to go before the final two weeks of taper can begin.  I have started to move my individual run and bike training into focused brick workouts.  Once again I can dream about sitting on the beach at the end of an amazing season of racing. For now, just got to put my head down and focus to get there. Til next time.



  1. Looking good! Keep up the hard work! Looking forward to your finish/race report!

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