Week 2 In the Books – 4 More To Go

Finished my first 15k or 9.3 Mile race!

Finished my first 15k or 9.3 Mile race!

The countdown continues and I keep marking off the weeks til my big ‘A’ race of my triathlon season.    Yesterday marked the ending of week 2 of 6 weeks of the final training cycle for this current season.  I finished the week up really big with the longest running distance in a race I have ever completed.    Overall I compiled a solid week of work with a strong volume of work.   I continue to push towards my final triathlon of the season and each week of this training cycle I end it with a huge event.

Highlights: Running towards Amelia Style

  • Completed 11 hours of solid volume and intensity work.  Had to overcome some bike issues but I pushed through it and got the work I planned to do done.
  • Swam a mile open water in what will probably be my lastt open water practice swim.  Continued to work with a tempo trainer during half hour lunch sessions.
  • Contninued to push some mileage on the run and the bike.
  • Lunch time 30 minute sessions have been great for cycling and swimming technique work.
  • Weekend was big:  Started Saturday morning with a 1 mile open water swim.  Afterward I joined up with some friends that were also running the following day for a 30 mile easy bike ride.  Sunday I finished the weekend with the Ironhorse 15k/9.3 mile run race (details here)

WeekDataMainweekdatabikeweekdatarunNot allot of highlights, but it was a big week with allot of work completed.  The weekend was amazing and i got to share it with some new running friends that I also went biking with.  The toll of the volume is slowely wearing me down, but I just have to stick to my plan and I will be ready for Amelia Island and my last race and my biggest race of the season.

So far this month I completed a 5k and now a 15k race.  That just leaves a bike event and a sprint triathlon to go before my full taper starts.  The plan pushing forward is no more long runs til I complete my triathlon in October.  The theory being that running has the largest stress on the body and removing stresses a bit earlier will help ease the bodies ability to heal and prepare for the last big race.  Now that my 15k is done it only 4 and 5 mile runs til after my race.  Next week I will eliminate long bike rides.  So far sticking to the plan and making it happen. Til next time.



  1. Awesome training – you are an inspiration. I hope I’m as well organized with my training next season as you are.

    1. Thank you. I really have to work at it otherwise I find myself regressing. Also, I hate not feeling like i have some semblance of control.

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  3. […] Week 2 In the Books – 4 More To Go (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] Week 2 In the Books – 4 More To Go (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

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