Bring On the Weekend

Thursday night bike stats.

Thursday night bike stats.

This week just rolled right along and suddenly its the weekend.   I am uncertain if I am excited, nervous or whatever for this weekend as its packed with racing an training that will be exhaustive.

I finished off the week by going for a quick eleven mile bike ride last night.  I had planned to ride 22 miles but I was running out of daylight and my legs were feeling very heavy during the entire ride.  Usually I would have pushed it and worked through the heaviness, but with a full weekend I decided instead to ease up and go for the 11 miles and be happy with chalking up more miles and time on the bike.

ThursdayBikeElevationThe ride overall was good.  I felt great on the flat sections, my stroke was smooth and steady and my speed stayed close to 17-20 miles per hour.  Obviously the lunch time sessions to work on technique were paying off.  It was the climbs where I slowed down more than usual.  My legs just did not feel very energetic on each climb and I just had to push to get up them.  I know this was a product of this being the second week of this training cycle and that this cycle has been very high in volume.  I just gritted my teeth and pushed up the hill, what does not kill me will only make me stronger, right?  At the half way mark it had grown dark so finished the second half of this ride in the dark, with only my bike light to illumine my path.

At one portion of my ride I suddenly heard a loud screeching wail coming towards me, definitely not a car or truck but something big!  I looked around, all the while bracing for impact from this mystery noise producer that sounded like it was getting faster as I sped towards it and it sped towards me.  A second later I heard and saw the source of the alarming noise, it was a train on the tracks off to my side, slightly raised.  The noise it made as it passed me was horrendous and unnerving.


My first 15k distance race and its this weekend.

Tonight is an off night so I can rest my body a little before tackling the monster 15k race I have on Sunday.  I am a bit nervous about this race as I am a slow runner and I have only ran this distance once, by accident.  The farthest distance I have covered in a race has been 10k and that took 1:24:00 to complete.  As I am a bit nervous about this distance race I had initially planned to take Friday and Saturday off in order to relax and prepare.  But, some race friends that are also running the race decided they wanted to do thirty miles on the Silver Comet trail at a slow pace on Saturday.  Somehow I just went along with the plan and now I am committed to an open water swim tomorrow and a 30 mile bike ride.

I will just have to take the ride easy and use it to loosen up the legs, focusing on keeping preparedness for Sunday’s race up.  Based on my previous races and experiences I should be able to finish this race around 2:20, maybe a little sooner depending on terrain.  For now I am just going to try and make it to the start line and then just zone out til I get to the finish line.  My strategy will employ a series of run/walks at a 1:1 ratio, as I have often practiced and gotten very good at utilizing.

Nutrition wise I plan to take a water bottle with me even though they have plenty of water supplies setup.  I just like having direct access to my sports drink early and often in the run.  I will bring a packet of Scratch for when I replace the contents and to get myself through the second half of the run.  Additionally I will mimic the gel strategy I utilized last time I ran this distance: one before, then one every half hour.  Sounds like allot, but this usage pattern has shown the best effects from my runs and triathlons.  The goal is to not get to the negative energy point and to stay ‘up’ as often as possible.  I know one every thirty minutes works really well and give plenty of energy through out the race.

If all goes well then I will have completed my long runs til the middle of October after this weekend and i will have finished a 15k running race.   This race will cap my second race in two weeks with a Cycling Event and a Triathlon remaining for this month, and an Olympic next month.   This weekend will be busy and should be fun.  In all honesty, I am ready to race, just need to get the legs rested and the mind ready. Wish me luck! Til next time.



  1. Wow Chatter…you’re doing great! 17-20 MPH! I’m still trying to work out my energy supplement strategy….yours sounds like a solid one….

    1. That is flat only speed, mind you. Climbs of 1% or more kill this speed. Some would say my supplement strategy is overkill, but I have been experimenting each race I have done and getting a feel for what is too much and too little. If I hit a point where I am dragging, then I missed a refuel point. The goal is to feel energized without a break but not over supplemented. As I said, I have done allot of trial and error. Last time I ran 9.3 miles in 2:21 I had a gel to start, 2 bottle of sports drink and 3 gels during my run. As I said, some think this is too much, but I might have needed one more as I was dragging towards the end. Its what I find works.
      I am nervous a bit about nutrition in the triathlon as well. Its a different distance. I plan to tape three gels to my top bar with electric tape and then a pack of three that can be pulled off and stuffed into the back pocket of my jersey on the bike for the run. I will probably do one after the swim and then on after eight to eleven miles. As I hit twenty miles another one and then into the run where if I need it I have three in my back pocket. I plan to carry a sports drink on the bike and probably one for the run. in sprints I have found this works really well, even though the run could just be a bottle of water probably. Something to try on my last sprint in a few weeks.
      YOu will do awesome, sorry for the longish reply.

      1. Interesting….I’m having real problems determining refueling. In my 40’s when I competed I don’t remember EVER refueling (it was all new science and in the realm of “voodoo” at that time). In my 60’s it has become a different story altogether…and one I’m still getting sorted.

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