Took The Night Off… I Deserved It

mondayrunmondayrun2All the forces aligned to make a ride or run tonight nealy impossible.  I guess it all started last night, Monday.    Last night I had planned on doing a brick consiting of an eleven mile bike followed by a four mile run.  I planned to merge these workouts into a brick to free up my Friday and Saturday for recovery to help prepare for my 15k race and give my legs a bit of a rest.  I figure I would still aim to get my heavy workouts in together.  I got home from work with an hour to go til the sun set and figured I could always finish the run in the dark.  I packed up my run clothes and headlamp, put air in my bike tires and headed out on my ride.  Half a mile down the road I notice my front tire making a funny noise, I found it had gotten a flat and because I use anti-puncture tubes it did not go all the way flat.

Run elevation

Run elevation

Changing the tubes on these tires is a pain and I was loosing daylight.  I obvously did not have the time anymore to complete a brick.  Insted of messing with the tire I got prepped for my run and I headed out.  My legs immediately let me know they were tired from days of abuse.  Thats how this training thing works, as you add days the body gets more difficult to move.  It started last Thursday with a running speed work, followed on Friday by a 22 mile bike ride, followed on Saturday by a 5k race and an open water swim followed by a 33 mile bike ride on Sunday, all this combined with afternoon swims and cycling technique drills.  On this run my legs were no where near fresh, but I felt the pull to get some running miles in and I just took it easy and let my legs dictate the pace.  As the sun sunk and the surrounding sky darkened the air grew much cooler and the humidity abated, a little at least.  But by the time the chill night air fully introduced itself I was bathed in sweat and all my clothing were saturated.

The end of the day and still so much left to do!

The end of the day and still so much left to do!

I managed to run five miles but it was nowhere close to easy.  I am going to chalk the difficulty to dead legs from an exhaustive training regiment and just trust I will be rested enough on Sunday for the 15k race…. and if not I know I can push through and finish the  run before the cut off.

So tonight I had to take the tire to the shop and let them look at this semi-new tire and have them replace the tube.  This combined with grocery shopping delayed my attempt at getting in a ride.  I guess it was a good thing as my legs feel very tired and stressed.  So tonight I am reflecting on the last couple of days and thinking ahead to the monster run of this weekend.  As the date gets closer I am feeling a bit nervous.  There is a 2 hour and thirty minute cut off for completion.  The only other time I completed the 15k distance it took me two hours and twenty one minutes.  But I know it will be different in a race/event and there will be support and better terain. Additionally I will have some rest the days before the event.  I knew this stretch would be difficult and I am strong and ready to tackle it til I get to my final goal… my Olympic triathlon in October.  Til next time.



  1. Have a great race this weekend! You’ve got this!

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