Marching to Amelia Man 5 Weeks And Counting

The end of the day... time to run and or bike or both!

The end of the day and still so much left to do!

Last post I summarized last weeks training accomplishments and reflected on the week’s training completion.  Early in the year I used to post my goals for each week and follow it up with the end results.  While I have continued this on paper, I have not posted much of this on this blog, mainly due to time constraints, but also because I began to feel the posts bordered on the mundane.  With five weeks til my ‘A’ race I am re-instituting this feature on my blog.  I apologize if this minutia is boring but I feel like I need to set these up here.

Overall the focus of this week is to continue to push the edges a little bit.  In my plan for the next fifteen days I have it set where I slowly start tapering my runs, then my bike and finally my swim.  The goal is to start reducing the hardest activity on my body in order, by the time I hit the first of my two planned taper weeks, my long runs and bikes will be eliminated with just focus technique workouts and medium distance activities remaining.  In that vein then, this week is a heavy week, set to push the boundaries.   At the end of this week I will be running in a 15k race and that will then be the last run over 5 miles til my Olympic distance Triathlon in five weeks.

Primary Goals

  • Focus ce on lunch time short technique sessions – mostly swimming and cycling. Get 2 of each completed.
  • Since the 15k is on Sunday I will have to try to get more done earlier in the week to let my legs get a bit of a rest before this race.
  • Get a brick completed on Monday doing an 11 mile ride and a 4-5 mile run.
  • Cycling workouts will have to omit the long bike for the week as the 15k is on Sunday and I would like to shoot for 2 days of no running or cycling to give my legs some time to recover from the load.
  • Complete a pilates workout
  • Do allot of stretching and foal rolling.
  • Continue to monitor what I eat and caloric intake.  While my workouts should allow me some slack, I want to be as lean as possible on race day.

downloadTentative Schedule

  • Monday: 11 Mile bike followed by a 5 mile run brick – evening.  30 minute speed session -lunch
  • Tuesday: 11 Mile bike – focus on applying technique and speed but if need treat as recovery ride – evening. 30 minute single leg drills spin bike – lunch.
  • Wednesday – 2 Mile up/down ladders and 1 hour aqua fit boot camp – evening.
  • Thursday – 22-23 mile cycling ride -evening. 30 minute pyramids on spin bike – lunch
  • Friday – distance tempo work 30 minutes lunch.  Recover from week and prepare for 15k.
  • Saturday – Walk and 1 Mile open water swim. Rest and recover for 15k.
  • Sunday- Iron Horse 15k run!

The hard part of this week is getting this workouts completed coming off a heavy end of last week.  Last Thursday I did an hour speed workout running, Friday I rode 22 miles, Saturday I did a 5k race and Open water swim for 20 minutes and Sunday I rode 33 miles on my bike.  My plans call to continue to Friday where I will ease up and give a small break for the 15k race.  Should be fun!  Til next time.



  1. sweatingforit · · Reply

    I like hearing about daily workouts and training! Sometimes I worry I blog too much about the details, but a lot of the time details of training are interesting to me. I like to see how different people structure their training. Good luck Saturday!

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