Heading to Amelia: Week 1 Done

WkSumMainAs I outlined previously (here) my current path to my final triathlon of the season, my ‘A’ race and an Olympic distance race, is planned out to maximize the remaining training, peaking and recovery time needed to prepare. This training plan encompasses the last six week of my first triathlon season and includes a different type of race each weekend including running, biking and triathlon.  This week I finished the first of the six weeks of planned training.  There were complications with back issues that removed a few days from my training schedule but I still managed to work out the issues and still pulled off a solid week of training, albeit a bit below my planned volume.

One of the stopping points along the Silver Comet Trail

One of the stopping points along the Silver Comet Trail

1 Out of 6 Weeks Completed Highlights

  • Finished the 4th Kennesaw Grand Prix  5k road race out of 6 with my lowest gun time ever of 00:40:19.  I have had faster chip time races but  not gun timed.  Since I started focusing on really getting my running down pat this number has been going down.  I am still working on less heal striking and more midfoot striking.
  • While injured for the middle of this week, I still pulled out some pretty good numbers with a very strong focus on the weekend workouts.
  • Friday I rode two loops of my 11 mile course to work on pacing for a distance closer to my Olympic distance which is 24 miles.  Need to continue to ride this distance to develop a comfort with this distance.  Rode the first loop a little faster and harder than I should have.
  • After my 5k race I went and did a couple of laps in the lake to get some open water comfort.
  • Cycled a section of the Silver Comet trail for 33 miles.  Bulk of the trail is constant 1-2% graded or even graded.  This is the closest simulation to riding the flat roads of Amelia Island.  Difficult ride since the graded sections lasted for half an hour before leveling back out.  Where I usually ride I usually push up a climb and I am done, onto a reward of downhill and a rest.  This trail made rest challenging as there were few distinct restful down hills.  Good practice at pacing though.  I found when I hit the grades I would get to about 10-11 mph, when path evened out I rode these stretches at 15-20 mph(usually 16 and 15 mph).  Nice weather made for a great day of riding.


My 33 mile Bike ride details.

My 33 mile Bike ride details.

While I wanted more hours this week, considering the fact I had a back injury and did not train Tuesday or Thursday I still pulled off some decent volume.  I think I set a good base for the next week of work as its similar to this week.  Overall a good way to start this six week training and preparation plan I drafted.  Til next time.



  1. I like where your head is at with the 22 mile rides to get used to the Oly distance. Smart man.

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  4. […] Heading to Amelia: Week 1 Done (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

  5. […] Heading to Amelia: Week 1 Done (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

  6. […] Heading to Amelia: Week 1 Done (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

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