Back To Work

New shoes and socks and a hat(not pictured)

New shoes and socks and a hat(not pictured)

Shortly after yesterdays quick update I headed home.  On the way home I realized my back felt ok and decided it would be a good evening to try to put some workout stress on the injury and see how it felt.  When I got home I found two packages I was expecting had come in.  Both were filled with run goodies I had splurged on: a discounted pair of Brooks Ghost 5 shoes (they put out the Ghost 6 thus causing the eventual decrease in price in my favorite running shoe), new brooks mesh technical hat and some injinji socks with toes and compression socks.  The socks I purchased as a potential solution to toe rub caused from my feet’s expansion during long runs, I had heard from IowaTriBob in Florida that these were recommended to him from some other runners and took a plunge and grabbed some pairs.  I will have to review these later when I get some more mileage on them and see if they work to alleviate toe blisters.  So with new socks and shoes I decided the back felt good enough to try and get a run( I only used the new socks and hat but not the shoes as I did not want to break in a pair of shoes with a sore back).

These socks are like gloves for the feet.

These socks are like gloves for the feet.

I had my speed work on the schedule for Thursday night so I decided I would do this workout and see how things felt afterwards, including this morning.  Initially I started out slow, just walking for 5-10 minutes, easing myself into a run.  Then I began a really slow set of 1:1 run/walk ratio runs for a bit over half a mile.  Everything felt fine and I decided to move into the main set which involved a series of .10 mile speed runs.  This is supposed to be 400 meter runs but right now I often use a 1:1 run to walk ratio, which ends up being under .10 miles for the run legs.  I aimed to complete the .10 distance as close to 1 minute as possible.  Since I was getting over a sore back I just did four sets of bursts and followed it with a brisk five minute walk.  My goal is to bump these sets up until I feel it would be more beneficial to increase the burst distance closer to a 400 meter distance.

I decided to try their compression socks for recovery. Pretty comfortable.

I decided to try their compression socks for recovery. Pretty comfortable.

All in all the initial wear of the new socks felt good.  It took a brief moment to get accustomed to having my toes wrapped, but I almost forgot it was there once I started my workout.  I am glad I got the run ultralight version of the socks as I really do not like my run socks any thicker than this.  As I said earlier, I will add a review of these socks later after I get a chance to go for a long run.  After showering I put on the compression socks and stretched a bit more.  My lower back felt stiff and tight but it did not generate any severe pain.  When I awoke this morning I found my lower back was very stiff and a little bit sore.  I stretched some and I have been putting ice on it and so far that seems to be the trick to loosening it up and making it not ache.  I just have to push and listen to ensure I do not mess up the end goal.

So minor ache from working out means I will push forward with my workout schedule and stop if the ache moves into the pain territory.  I am eager to get some lock laces in the new shoes and to go for a long run in the new socks.  So far things feel ok and my training plan is back on track. Til next time.


  1. I love my compression socks. I wear them mainly on my long runs, but if my legs have been taking a pounding I will wear them during my shorter runs as well for some support. It is awesome! Brooks just happens to be my running brand of choice, but I go for the Ravenna. I’m thinking about picking up a pair of Cascadias and hitting the trails this winter. Glad to see your back in it!

  2. Can’t wait to read the sock review. I’ve yet to get a pair as I’ve been a little sidelined with a gimp ankle the past two weeks and haven’t done any long runs myself. Keep me posted.

    1. I was wondering where you dissapeared to. On shorter runs I have fallen in love with these socks, they are so comfortable. I got the run 2.0 thin model and love them so far. I will know how they work on a longer run this weekend when run my 15k. I will do a write up then and let you know.

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